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Edgar Nkosi White

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Edgar Nkosi White born on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, grew up in Harlem, New York from 1952. He studied at Yale University and New York Theological Seminary where he completed his studies in Drama and Theology respectively. In 1965, age 18, White had his first play, "The Mummer's play," produced by the Joseph Papp Public Theatre in New York. Its success led the producer to stage White's next four plays - including The Crucifado. Much of his work has been produced by the British Black Co-operative, Temba, Talawa, Umoja and Lumumba theatre companies, showing in venues across the UK.


Title Date Publisher
The Rising 1988 Marion Boyars
Redemption Song and Other Plays: Redemption Song; Boot Dance; Les Femmes Noires 1985 Marion Boyars

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