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In this specialist section for practitioners, discover production records of plays new and old, watch interviews with other practitioners, and listen to audio extracts to help support the creation of your work.

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Spotlight on: The Alfred Fagon Award

Playwright and actor Faith Omole with director Daniel Bailey.

Playwright and actor Faith Omole with director Daniel Bailey. Photo © Sharron Wallace

The Alfred Fagon Award was set up in 1997 and is supported by The Peggy Ramsay Foundation, The Royal Court Theatre and Talawa Theatre Company. The award celebrates and recognises writers of Caribbean and African descent.

In the award’s 26 year history, a variety of talented playwrights from Roy Williams to Michaela Coel have been celebrated for their outstanding works. The Alfred Fagon Award is in memory of the lauded playwright and actor Alfred Fagon, who after suffering a fatal heart attack while jogging near his home, was given a pauper’s funeral following police negligence to properly identify his body.

For more information about the award, and to see this year’s winners and shortlist, head to the Alfred Fagon Award website. To discover more information about Alfred Fagon and his work, browse the playwrights in the Archive.

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