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The National Theatre has launched a new Podcast Series: That Black Theatre Podcast.

Hosted by Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded PhD Student, Nadine Deller, the podcast is a partnership between National Theatre, The Royal Central School for Speech and Drama, University of London and the AHRC London Arts and Humanities Partnership.


From the 28 September, over the course of 12 weekly episodes, Nadine will delve into the Black Plays Archive, discussing the leaders of Black British theatre and the political and social events of the 20th and 21st Century that influenced their work.


Beginning with the earliest black theatre practitioners Una Marson and Errol John, the podcast will discuss the works of these trailblazers and the writers who followed, Mustapha Matura and Alfred Fagon, who wrote against the backdrop of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements both in Britain and America.


The barriers faced by black women playwrights will be debated with the leading academic, Lynette Goddard. With the plays of Valerie Mason-John and Jackie Kay discussed in relation to the under representation of black queer and lesbian experiences on stage.


Nadine Deller will conclude the series with an episode dedicated to Winsome Pinnock, conversations about debbie tucker green and Roy Williams, as well as discussions with lead theatre makers both looking to the past of Black British theatre and to the future, including Mojisola Adebayo and Ola Ince.


Speaking about the podcast Nadine Deller said, “This podcast started as a way to share what I have learnt about black British theatre with as many people as I could. I never learnt about black theatre in school, so this podcast is a celebration of black British theatre and the stories I have found in the archive.


Through a mix of history, interviews, and casual discussion, I hope to show that black theatre is for everyone.” 

That Black Theatre Podcast is available to stream and download for free via Apple podcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicGoogle podcasts, and all other major podcasts platforms.


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