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Actor Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo in rehearsal for Inua Ellams' play Three Sisters.New cropping here123456

Education Resource Packs

Discover tailor-made resource packs for teachers and educators to assist you in the classroom.

What materials are available?

Resource packs for Charlene James’ 2016 play Cuttin’ It, Inua Ellams’ 2019 adaptation of Three Sisters, and Jasmine Lee-Jones’ 2019 play seven methods of killing kylie jenner are available below. Resource packs for GCSE set-texts Leave Taking (1987) and Princess and the Hustler (2019) will be made available soon. All resource packs are freely available for educators and include information on:


  • The play’s original performance
  • Historical and cultural context for the plays
  • Interviews with the writer or director
  • Analyses of characters and themes
  • Breakdowns of the play’s structure
  • Exercises for students
  • Further reading and useful links


Further plays from the Black Plays Archive are available to watch on the National Theatre Collection, including Michaela Coel’s Chewing Gum DreamsInua Ellams’ Barber Shop Chronicles, Winsome Pinnock’s Rockets and Blue Lights and many more. The National Theatre Collection is free for UK state primary and secondary schools and FE colleges. For more information, please head to the National Theatre Collection page on the National Theatre website.

Cuttin' It by Charlene James

Tsion Habte (left) and Adelayo Adedayo (left) in Charlene James' play Cuttin' It.

Tsion Habte (left) and Adelayo Adedayo (left) in Charlene James’ Cuttin’ It. Photo © David Sandison.

Cuttin’ It is a play about the heart-wrenching connection between two London school girls from Somalia. The past and present collide in a tale centred around friendship and the harrowing impact of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain. The play was written by activist, actor and playwright Charlene James in 2016.

For key stages four and five.


Cuttin’ It Resource Pack

Three Sisters adapted by Inua Ellams

Three women sit hunched over, holding each other in a grassy plain.

Sarah Niles (left) as Lolo, Natalie Simpson (middle) as Nne and Rachel Ofori (right) as Udo in Inua Ellams’ adaptation of Chekov’s Three Sisters, National Theatre, 2019. Photograph © The Other Richard.

Anton Chekhov’s original story of Three Sisters is set in Russia, in the 19th century, during a time of upheaval. Inua Ellams’ adaptation is set in Nigeria in the 1960s, a country struggling with the legacy of colonialism. Independence brings the possibility of change but white Europeans are still in the background, pulling strings and reaping the benefits, nothing has changed.

For key stages four and five.


Three Sisters Resource Pack

seven methods of killing kylie jenner by Jasmine Lee-Jones

Danielle Vitalis as Cleo (left) and Tia Bannon as Kara (right) in Jasmine Lee-Jones’ play Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner at the Royal Court Theatre, 2019. Photograph © Helen Murray

Jasmine Lee-Jones’ play seven methods of killing kylie jenner (styled in lower-case) is set in the real world and online. The play follows two young Black women navigating race, colourism, misogyny, power, and privilege after a Twitter thread goes viral online.


This resource pack was made by Maylene Catchpole and the Open Court Education Department at the Royal Court Theatre. The resource is hosted on the Black Plays Archive with permission of the parties involved in its creation.


For key stages four and five.


seven methods of killing kylie jenner Resource Pack

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