That Black Theatre Podcast


The National Theatre has launched a new Podcast Series: That Black Theatre Podcast.


Hosted by Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded PhD Student, Nadine Deller the podcast is a partnership between National Theatre, The Royal Central School for Speech and Drama, University of London and the AHRC London Arts and Humanities Partnership.


In our first episode of That Black Theatre Podcast we talk about the wonderful Black Plays Archive, the focal point of our journey into black theatre history in Britain. We chat to a leading academic and previous manager of the Black Plays Archive, Natasha Bonnelame.


We ask Natasha what the Black Plays Archive is, and why it’s important to tell a plurality of black stories on the stage. We talk about who is given access to knowledge and power, and what needs to change in the British theatre industry to represent black experiences.
Listen to Episode 1 of That Black Theatre Podcast


Music: African Moon by John Bartmann


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