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Flash Trash

By Barbara Gloudon

Year staged: 1986

Opening night: 16/12/1986

Theatre Company: London; Half Moon Theatre

Staged in: Half Moon Theatre, Mile End (1979 - 1990)

Cast Size: 20


Join forces with Mama Queenie and the poor people of Trash Town in their daily struggle to survive. Marvel as they prove with talent and flash that they may be ‘Trash Towners’ by name but not by nature. Laugh as King Nuff and the rich folk of Ready Heights bolt and bar their doors’ coz they don’t really like to see the poor. Along the way you meet the Count of Crossroads, Lord Bag and Pan, cheeky young Khuskhus and the streetwise Windscreen Brigade, as well as King Nuff’s ‘orrible daughter the princess polyester. First performed in Jamaica in 1985, ‘Flash Trash’ had its British Premiere at the Half Moon Theatre.

Original Cast

Lenny Algernon Edwards


Claire Benedict

Mama Queenie

Brian Bovell

Princess Polyester

Michael Buffong


Seeta Indrani


Vicky Licorish


Robert Phillips

King Nuff

David Presscott

Count of Crossroads

Cleo Sylvestre


Chris Tajah

Lorg Bag and Pan

Astra Rice

Windscreen Brigade (Ensemble)

Alicia Rice

Windscreen Brigade (Ensemble)

Karen Thompson

Windscreen Brigade (Ensemble)

Rukiye Ali

Windscreen Brigade (Ensemble)

Tairi Hassen

Windscreen Brigade (Ensemble)

Christine Adesina

Windscreen Brigade (Ensemble)

Andrew Hurteau


Production Team

Ellen Cairns


Felix Cross

Musical Director

Yvonne Brewster


Wendy Marshall

Assistant Designer

Ruth Young

Costume Maker

Nina Murden

Costume Maker

Vivienne Rochester


Dee Kaye

Lighting Designer

William Flowers


Derek Chai

Band (Bass Guitar)

Ciyo Brown

Band (Guitar)

Sam Kelly

Band (Drums)

Stephen Kas

Band (Keyboard)

Additional Materials

Link to Playscript


Ref: MPS/3264

British Library

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