• New Nigerians
    Political satire on contemporary Nigerian politics
  • Nina: A Story About Me and Nina Simone
    Draws connections between Bushell-Mingo's life growing up in the UK and Nina Simone's in the US exploring themes of racism and oppression
  • Nine Lives
    A monolgoue about the experiences of a Zimbabwean refugee living in Leeds after fleeing his homeland to escape persecution for being gay.
  • Nine Night, The
    Hamon Williams has lived in exile in England for twenty years. He calls a family gathering to propose that the family can regain its...
  • No Boys Cricket Club
    Living alone on a drab London council estate, Abi has long since lost sight of the good things in life, until an old friend takes her...
  • No Place To Be Nice
    This is the story of Price, an unsuccessful business man who aspires to greater things. His life is a round of never-ending, ominous...
  • Now We Are Here
    Workshopped piece with refugee writers in collaboration with Deanna Rodger, Ian Rickson and Imogen Brodieby. Explores writers' life...
  • nut