• hang
    Explores themes of criminal justice, capital punishment and revenge
  • Happy Birthday Mister Deka D
    Mister Deka D celebrates his birthday in a place where time has stood still. A man and a woman come together to confront their past,...
  • Havoc in the Garden
    Havoc in the Garden unfolds in a small neighbourhood of five houses on an Auckland hillside where an act of violence and rage is about to...
  • Hero's Welcome, A
    A Hero's Welcome follows the story of three young women growing up in the Caribbean in 1947 and the men who seem to offer a way out.
  • High Heel Parrotfish
    It's drag night at Mrs Miller's Bar in Trinidad. As Carnival fever raises temperatures outside, six beautiful 'ladies' prepare backstage,...
  • High Life
    A mother's loss turns into obesession after the unexplained suicide of her popular teenage daughter. When two Igbo families come together...
  • Hold On
    Hold On tells the story of the egotistical chauvinist Rufus Collins trying to put on a sixties soul tribute concert, while his female...
  • Honey Man, The
    The Honey Man tells the absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops one summer between Misty, a 15 year-old girl, and The...
  • Horses Of The Night
    Horses of the Night draws heavily on the language and themes of Christpoher Marlowe's Dr Faustus.
  • Hounding of David Oluwale, The
    Based on Kester Aspden's award-winning book that charts the life of a man hounded to death by racist police, Oladipo Agboluaje's play...
  • House
    A British Nigerian family's sectrets emerge during a birthday meal.
  • House Of Agnes
    After 40 years of building a home in London, Agnes is retiring and moving back to Ghana. Her final wish is for her sons to live together...
  • How Nigeria Became: A Story, and a Spear that Didn't Work
    A troupe of actors prepare to stage the story of the Spear of Shango for the British Governor and his wife
  • Hungover
    Play written in response to the 2010 General Election - part of Theatre Royal's Rough Cuts Season
  • Hyacinth Blue
    Hyacinth Blue tells the stories of Patience, Abina and Charlotte, three women in prison. As Abina does Patience’s hair, the voices draw...