• B is for Black
    B IS FOR BLACK follows the rise, then fall from grace of Ben Nelson. A Black man who attended Oxford, Ben eagerly begins his first day at...
  • Babel Junctions
    A play that explores how culture, religion and faith shape our 21st century perceptions and experience. When Hackney district nurse...
  • Baby Girl
    Kelle is 13 and still a virgin. And if her best friend Danielle knows, then the whole school knows. But will sleeping with the wide-boy...
  • Back Street Mammy
    Back Street Mammy explores the consequences of a one night stand.
  • Bakerloo Line
    A black man meets a white woman at a liberal party in London.
  • Barber Shop Chronicles
    Explores themes of black masculinity
  • Bashment
    Bashment explores the controversy around dancehall music and the consequences of homophobic lyrics.
  • Basil and Beattie
    Basil and Beattie are finding the golden years of their lives somewhat tarnished, locked together with only physical infirmity and mental...
  • Beach, The
    Performed at the tricycle theatre as a one day scratch performance.
  • Bear Hug
    Two middle-class parents try to raise their child Michael, who has turned into a bear. A startling absurdist parable about modern...
  • Beef, No Chicken
    Set in Trinidad, Beef No Chicken is a tragicomedy about a small town facing the encroachment of a six-lane highway.
  • Big Nose
    Based on Rostand's classic story of Cyrano de Bergerac and set in the Eastern Caribbean in 1957, the show follows the fortunes of Clovis...
  • Bilad al-Sudan
    Bilad al-Sudan focuses on two refugees from two differing clans now living in a government refugee camp in Darfur, with two very...
  • Bitches
    This drama follows two young female vloggers talking racial politics and popular culture in an unforgiving online world. Exploring...
  • Bitter 'n Twisted The Ten Commandments of Black Love
    Jamaicans Courtney and Bibby marry in 1966, but one year later they both die in a jealous crime of passion. To save their souls from...
  • Bitter Herb, A
    Valerie MacKenna is a successful middle-class businesswoman, who lives with her husband, Willard, son Peter and adopted white daughter...
  • Black Crows
    Linda Brogan's Black Crows creates a dark and vivid world of love, jealousy and hunger in 1970s Manchester.
  • Black Men Walking
    A group of black men go on their monthly hike together.
  • Black Women, The
    The Black Women explores the lonely, alienated lives of African American women in New York.
  • Blackta
    Welcome to the neverending talent contest. Behind the scenes, competitors put on their own show, parading their hopes and fears in front...
  • Blest Be The Tie
    Florence can't complain - her children are grown up, she's got best friend Eunice to look after her and is happy to call London her home....
  • Blood, Sweat and Fears
    A fast food restaurant create problems for a black employee when it is discovered he is suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia. Part of the...
  • Blues for Railton
    Tragi-comedy about a black immigrant family's experiences in Britain, fusing Afro-Caribbean rituals and rhythms.
  • Booked!
    A comic spin through the day-to-day encounters of a group of West African 'visitors' to Britain.
  • Boot Dance, The
    The play follows the disintegration and slow recovery of a young South African boot dancer who, after ten years alone in England suddenly...
  • Booty Call
    Fantasy blurs with reality, Jason and Claire are catapulted into a weird and destructive game. Who will win? Who will lose? Only one way...
  • born bad
    A blood-related black family. A Dad, a Mum, a Daughter, two Sisters, a Brother. A family argument. reveals the skeleton in the closet,...
  • Bread on the Table
    Explores issues related to wheat trading
  • Breakfast Hearts / Choirplay
    Two short plays that explore with startling vibrancy and dark humour what it means to live and love in the modern world.
  • Brixton Stories (Or the Short and Happy Life of Ossie Jones)
    A preacher, heckler and soapbox philosopher debate life and religion. A busker sings the Brixton National anthem, complete with gunshots...
  • Bro 9
    Agent Scally is CIA special ops, Moss Side & Hulme. One night, in his tower block, Scally has a close encounter with 10-foot tall Black...
  • Brother to Brother
    A verbal tapestry of interwoven stories exploring the experience of being black and male in Britian.