• Aisha 2018
    UK-born 17-year-old Aisha is secretly sold into marriage in Nigeria. She is purchased from her parents by a 51-year-old man who keeps her...
  • Black Men Walking 2018
    A group of black men go on their monthly hike together.
  • Custody 2017
    When a young black man, Brian, dies in police custody, it sends shock waves across the community. Reeling from his death, Brian’s family...
  • Elephant in the Room 2019
    Mixture of hip hop, dance, physical theatre and spoken word explores themes of mental health and toxic masculinity.
  • Funeral Flowers 2019
    Angelique, 17, dreams of being a florist but must face challenges of her mum being in prison, the care system and the local gang.
  • Grey 2018
    She is a strong, independent, black woman. She has a roof over her head. She has food in her fridge. She lives a good life. She’s also a...
  • J'ouvert 2019
    Two best friends experience of Carnival and exploration of themes of sexual politics
  • Just an Ordinary Lawyer 2017
    In 1945 Nigerian Tunji Sowande arrived in the UK. He came here after the war, fuelled by his passions for classical music and for...
  • Kunene and the King 2019
    Two men reflect on 25 years since the Apartheid regime ended.
  • Laws of War 2010
    A civil war is raging in modern England threatening to turn the land of cricket, and warm beer into a hell of displaced people, rape,...
  • Misty 2018
    About a fight on the night bus.
  • My Territory 2010
    A play about borders, space and territory.
  • Nine Lives 2014
    A monolgoue about the experiences of a Zimbabwean refugee living in Leeds after fleeing his homeland to escape persecution for being gay.
  • Princess and the Hustler 2019
    A 10-year-old plans to win the Weston-Super-Mare Beauty Contest.
  • Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner 2019
    In this innovative play blending real life and online culture, a young Black woman takes to Twitter to voice her frustration with white...
  • Shebeen 2018
    Caribbean community living in Nottingham in 1958 just before the race riots.
  • Shine 2019
    A 3-year old boy moves with his family from Zambia to Newcastle.
  • Sparkplug 2019
    A white man becomes the adoptive father of a mixed-race child. Inspired by autobiographical events
  • SS Mendi, Dancing the Death Drill 2018
    Based on the true story of the SS Mendi which sunk in the English Channel on February 21, 1917. More than 600 of the ship's mainly black...
  • Stop and Search 2019
    Three stories intersect around themes of suspicion, surveillance and antagonism.
  • Superhoe 2019
    Sasha Clayton is a 24-year-old aspiring singer/rapper who becomes a sex worker.
  • Tha Half God of Rainfall 2019
    A contemporary epic mixing storytelling and poetry about a Nigerian demi-god basketball hero.
  • The Dark 2018
    Story about the migration of a 4-year-old boy and his mother from Uganda.
  • The Firm 2017
    A reunion of former youth gang members
  • This is Black: Pyneapple 2019
    Young black women grapple with stereotypes in the London-based hair salon, Crowns. Following these women’s lives, we learn the beauty...
  • This is Black: Teleportation 2019
    Teleportation centres around the relationship of a disabled white man and his black female carer in a Western society where black...
  • Tree 2019
    Tree follows one man’s journey into the heart and soul of contemporary South Africa – with the audience at the centre of the action. It...
  • White 2017
    WHITE carefully considers the concept of mixed-race privilege, tries to connect clashing cultures and explores what it means to grow up...
  • 2009 2010
  • Slaves 2010
  • Off the Endz 2010
    David, Kojo and Sharon grew up on a North London estate. Now in their mid 20s, they are eyeing another kind of life. David, an anansi...
  • Desert Boy 2010
    Desert Boy, a time-travelling a capella musical, offers a sharp twist on the subject of knife crime, black youth and absent fathers.
  • Playing The Game 2010
    The Students' Association needs a new president and Akousa's achingly cool flatmates are certain she is perfect for the position. How can...
  • Sucker Punch 2010
    In the red corner: Leon Davidson – Black British champ or Uncle Tom? In the blue corner: Troy Augustus – American powerhouse or naïve...
  • Hungover 2010
    Play written in response to the 2010 General Election - part of Theatre Royal's Rough Cuts Season
  • Speechless 2010
    The story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons. Refusing to speak to adults, the twins communicate in their own private language,...
  • Next Door 2010
  • Estate walls 2010
    The play follows the story of Obi, a young writer who dreams of leaving the estate in which he lives. The story focuses on the young...
  • Untitled 2010
    Untitled is a magical realist story set in Nigeria and England, of identical twin boys separated at infancy. In the quarrel after the...
  • Palm Wine and Stout 2010
    A wickedly funny portrayal of the writer’s trip back to his father’s homeland. Son of an English mother and a Nigerian father, Taiye is...
  • Taken 2010
    A mother is confronted by the child she had to give up.
  • Defined By Design 2010
    An exploration of the theme of unrequited love. A play for four voices, we are taken on a journey through the eyes of the lover unloved,...
  • Suffocation 2011
    Peer pressure leads to a dangerous (suffocation) game, when the game goes wrong, the group have to deal with the consequences.Obi, Cain...
  • Havoc in the Garden 2011
    Havoc in the Garden unfolds in a small neighbourhood of five houses on an Auckland hillside where an act of violence and rage is about to...
  • Little Baby Jesus 2011
    Little Baby Jesus is a lyrical triptych of monologues revealing the inter-connected lives of three inner-city teenagers, capturing the...
  • Mad About the Boy 2011
    Boy. Dad. Man. A lyrical tussle of will and minds. Boy wants to be bad like the rest. Dad wants the best for the boy. Man wants the boy...
  • The Westbridge 2011
    The accusation of a black teenager sparks disturbance on the South London Streets. While tensions rise, a couple from very different...
  • Silver Shores 2012
    Set onboard a 19th century slave ship,four men in capacity find themselves in a desperate struggle for freedom of the mind. Before the...
  • Mwana 2012
    Mwana is a salad boy - neither Western or African he is a young Zimbabwean educated in Glasgow, conflicted between his love for the West...
  • Honey Man, The 2012
    The Honey Man tells the absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops one summer between Misty, a 15 year-old girl, and The...
  • Belong 2012
  • Chewing Gum Dreams 2012
    Fourteen-year-old Tracey Gordon has everything in life coming at her fast. Friendship, Aaron, Candice, sex and Connor Jones...What will...
  • Three Birds 2012
    Siblings Tiana, Tionne and Tanika have found themselves home alone. Tiana's keeping it all together by taking charge of housework and...
  • Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The 2012
    A gritty adaptation of Alan Sillitoe's classic text, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is set in Britain's Olympic year 2012. ...
  • Blackta 2012
    Welcome to the neverending talent contest. Behind the scenes, competitors put on their own show, parading their hopes and fears in front...
  • Feast 2013
  • God's Property 2013
    It's 1982. London is restless, gripped by spiralling unemployment and innercity riots. Ska beats dominate the airwaves and in a flat in...
  • Refugee Boy 2013
    Alem and his father are in a B&B in Datchet. Alem has lived in Ethiopia and Eritrea but this is his best holiday ever. But in the morning...
  • Take a Deep Breath and Breathe 2013
    Inspired by the Greek mythology Lysistrata, Take a Deep Breath and Breathe explores the power struggles, choices and determinations of...
  • Gutted 2013
  • Venus / Mars 2013
    Daniel and Michelle first cross paths on the dance floor and gradually become an item. But they soon realise that relationships don't...
  • A Season in the Congo 2013
    A Season in the Congo charts the rise and fall of the Congolese political leader Patrice Lumumba during the transformation of the...
  • Josephine and I 2013
    From the ragtime rythms of St Louis and the intoxicating sounds of 1920s Paris, to present day London, Josephine and I intertwines the...
  • Red Helicopter, The 2013
    It is 2072, the UK is in turmoil after an apocalyptic event and a group of young people are camped out on the thrid floor of an office...
  • The Epic Adventure of Nhamo the Manyika Warrior and his Sexy Wife Chipo 2013
    With just 24 hours to create the ultimate African fable, the superstar cast is missing a hero. Suddenly a dashing goatherd appears on the...
  • Advice for the Young at Heart 2013
    It's 2011 and 1958: London is rioting. Candice is ordred by her gang-leading boyfriend to lure Clint into a honeytrap. Haunted by her...
  • Routes 2013
  • nut 2013
  • Chewing Gum Dreams 2014
    Fourteen-year-old Tracey Gordon has everything in life coming at her fast. Friendship, Aaron, Candice, sex and Connor Jones...What will...
  • Circles 2014
    Circling the outskirts of Birmingham on the Number 11 bus, two teenagers develop an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile a mother observes her...
  • Antigone 2014
    A woman defies her uncle, the King, to bury her dead brother.
  • How Nigeria Became: A Story, and a Spear that Didn't Work 2014
    A troupe of actors prepare to stage the story of the Spear of Shango for the British Governor and his wife
  • Wildefire 2014
    Focusing on the demise of a policewoman's career, the play explores the struggles and pressures faced by the police force.
  • Liberian Girl 2015
    Set against the Liberian civil war, a young girl flees her village by dressing as a boy which leads to her having to join a band of child...
  • Upper Cut 2015
    Explores ethnic diversity in the British Labour Party
  • Re: Exhibit 2015
    About an actor auditoning for a role in Brett Bailey's "Exhibit B" which was cancelled following accusations of racism
  • Antigone 2015
    Sophocles's tragedy transposed to an urban gangland setting
  • Muscovado 2015
    About slavery and the sugar trade
  • I See You 2015
    A couple meetin in a nightclub on a Friday night and end up in a police station. The play explores old and new identities in post...
  • Eclipsed 2015
    Story of four women's lives during civil war
  • The Spalding Suite 2015
    About the lives of a basketball team
  • Fast Cuts and Snap Shots 2015
    A group of black men from different countries - Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria, Zimbabwe - meet and discuss a range of topics from history to...
  • hang 2015
    Explores themes of criminal justice, capital punishment and revenge
  • Bread on the Table 2015
    Explores issues related to wheat trading
  • Chocolate 2015
    Explores sugar addiction and the cocoa trade through a relationship between a girl and her boyfriend
  • Turned 2015
    Young British man returns to war-torn Nigeria in search of his friend
  • Dark and Lovely 2015
    Solo show exploring back identity through hair
  • Calculating Kindness 2016
    Explores the extraordinary life of American scientist George Price (1922-75). Price formulated an equation widely acknowledged as the...
  • After Independence 2016
    Guy and Kathleen grow their crops, raise their daughter, and pay their taxes. But Africa is changing, country by country. White farmers...
  • Soul 2016
    On April Fool's day 1984 Marvin Gaye was shot dead. In charting the untold truths about what happened during Marvin Gaye's haunting...
  • Cuttin' It 2016
    About female genital mutilation as seen throught he experiences of two teenage girls
  • Now We Are Here 2016
    Workshopped piece with refugee writers in collaboration with Deanna Rodger, Ian Rickson and Imogen Brodieby. Explores writers' life...
  • Bitches 2016
    This drama follows two young female vloggers talking racial politics and popular culture in an unforgiving online world. Exploring...
  • Amongst the Reeds 2016
    Two friends scratch out a living on the margins of society. Oni and Gillian have made their home in a disused office block, finding ever...
  • House 2016
    When Pat returns to her childhood home after a five-year absence, she's ready to forgive her mother for the neglect she suffered at her...
  • Girls 2016
    Three everyday girls, three best friends forever and three big issues: love, sex, religion. But when they’re kidnapped from home, their...
  • Torn 2016
    Generations of secrets have broken the Brook family. Siblings split-up, traded-off, treated differently. Angel, the youngest, has called...
  • Nina: A Story About Me and Nina Simone 2016
    Draws connections between Bushell-Mingo's life growing up in the UK and Nina Simone's in the US exploring themes of racism and oppression
  • The Hotel Cerise 2016
    An upper-class black owned hotel on the eve of the presidential election.
  • The Convert 2017
    It’s 1896 in what is modern day Zimbabwe and Jekesai, a young woman fleeing forced marriage finds herself working for a devout Catholic...
  • Good Dog 2017
    One person monologue. good dog chronicles growing up in a multicultural community and the everyday injustices that drive people to take...
  • New Nigerians 2017
    Nigeria: ‘The Giant of Africa’. Conservatives rule over the biggest economy on the continent, and one of the largest and youngest...
  • Barber Shop Chronicles 2017
    Explores themes of black masculinity
  • Ode to Leeds 2017
    Five Leeds spoken word poets compete in an international poetry slam in New York City.
  • Summer in London 2017
    A cutting-edge romantic comedy about homeless, pansexual, multiracial trans youth and elders, all searching for love and for somwhere to...
  • Half Breed 2017
    This is a partly autobiographical dark comedy about finding your voice.Jazmin feels different. She doesn’t want to stay in the village....
  • Nine Night 2018
    Gloria is gravely sick. When her time comes, the celebration begins; the traditional Jamaican Nine Night Wake. But for Gloria’s children...
  • Small Island 2019
    Small Island embarks on a journey from Jamaica to Britain, through the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked...