• Custody 2017
  • Grey 2018
  • Laws of War 2010
    A civil war is raging in modern England threatening to turn the land of cricket, and warm beer into a hell of displaced people, rape,...
  • My Territory 2010
    A play about borders, space and territory.
  • Nine Lives 2014
    A monolgoue about the experiences of a Zimbabwean refugee living in Leeds after fleeing his homeland to escape persecution for being gay.
  • Tree 2019
  • White 2017
  • 2009 2010
  • Slaves 2010
  • Off the Endz 2010
    David, Kojo and Sharon grew up on a North London estate. Now in their mid 20s, they are eyeing another kind of life. David, an anansi...
  • Desert Boy 2010
    Desert Boy, a time-travelling a capella musical, offers a sharp twist on the subject of knife crime, black youth and absent fathers.
  • Playing The Game 2010
    The Students' Association needs a new president and Akousa's achingly cool flatmates are certain she is perfect for the position. How can...
  • Sucker Punch 2010
    In the red corner: Leon Davidson – Black British champ or Uncle Tom? In the blue corner: Troy Augustus – American powerhouse or naïve...
  • Hungover 2010
    Play written in response to the 2010 General Election - part of Theatre Royal's Rough Cuts Season
  • Speechless 2010
    The story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons. Refusing to speak to adults, the twins communicate in their own private language,...
  • Next Door 2010
  • Estate walls 2010
    The play follows the story of Obi, a young writer who dreams of leaving the estate in which he lives. The story focuses on the young...
  • Untitled 2010
    Untitled is a magical realist story set in Nigeria and England, of identical twin boys separated at infancy. In the quarrel after the...
  • Palm Wine and Stout 2010
    A wickedly funny portrayal of the writer’s trip back to his father’s homeland. Son of an English mother and a Nigerian father, Taiye is...
  • Taken 2010
    A mother is confronted by the child she had to give up.
  • Defined By Design 2010
    An exploration of the theme of unrequited love. A play for four voices, we are taken on a journey through the eyes of the lover unloved,...
  • Suffocation 2011
    Peer pressure leads to a dangerous (suffocation) game, when the game goes wrong, the group have to deal with the consequences.Obi, Cain...
  • Havoc in the Garden 2011
    Havoc in the Garden unfolds in a small neighbourhood of five houses on an Auckland hillside where an act of violence and rage is about to...
  • Little Baby Jesus 2011
    Little Baby Jesus is a lyrical triptych of monologues revealing the inter-connected lives of three inner-city teenagers, capturing the...
  • Mad About the Boy 2011
    Boy. Dad. Man. A lyrical tussle of will and minds. Boy wants to be bad like the rest. Dad wants the best for the boy. Man wants the boy...
  • The Westbridge 2011
    The accusation of a black teenager sparks disturbance on the South London Streets. While tensions rise, a couple from very different...
  • Silver Shores 2012
    Set onboard a 19th century slave ship,four men in capacity find themselves in a desperate struggle for freedom of the mind. Before the...
  • Mwana 2012
    Mwana is a salad boy - neither Western or African he is a young Zimbabwean educated in Glasgow, conflicted between his love for the West...
  • Honey Man, The 2012
    The Honey Man tells the absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops one summer between Misty, a 15 year-old girl, and The...
  • Belong 2012
  • Three Birds 2012
    Siblings Tiana, Tionne and Tanika have found themselves home alone. Tiana's keeping it all together by taking charge of housework and...
  • Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The 2012
    A gritty adaptation of Alan Sillitoe's classic text, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is set in Britain's Olympic year 2012. ...
  • Blackta 2012
    Welcome to the neverending talent contest. Behind the scenes, competitors put on their own show, parading their hopes and fears in front...
  • Feast 2013
  • God's Property 2013
    It's 1982. London is restless, gripped by spiralling unemployment and innercity riots. Ska beats dominate the airwaves and in a flat in...
  • Refugee Boy 2013
    Alem and his father are in a B&B in Datchet. Alem has lived in Ethiopia and Eritrea but this is his best holiday ever. But in the morning...
  • Take a Deep Breath and Breathe 2013
    Inspired by the Greek mythology Lysistrata, Take a Deep Breath and Breathe explores the power struggles, choices and determinations of...
  • Gutted 2013
  • Venus / Mars 2013
    Daniel and Michelle first cross paths on the dance floor and gradually become an item. But they soon realise that relationships don't...
  • A Season in the Congo 2013
    A Season in the Congo charts the rise and fall of the Congolese political leader Patrice Lumumba during the transformation of the...
  • Josephine and I 2013
    From the ragtime rythms of St Louis and the intoxicating sounds of 1920s Paris, to present day London, Josephine and I intertwines the...
  • Red Helicopter, The 2013
    It is 2072, the UK is in turmoil after an apocalyptic event and a group of young people are camped out on the thrid floor of an office...
  • The Epic Adventure of Nhamo the Manyika Warrior and his Sexy Wife Chipo 2013
    With just 24 hours to create the ultimate African fable, the superstar cast is missing a hero. Suddenly a dashing goatherd appears on the...
  • Advice for the Young at Heart 2013
    It's 2011 and 1958: London is rioting. Candice is ordred by her gang-leading boyfriend to lure Clint into a honeytrap. Haunted by her...
  • Routes 2013
  • nut 2013
  • Circles 2014
  • Antigone 2014
    A woman defies her uncle, the King, to bury her dead brother.
  • How Nigeria Became: A Story, and a Spear that Didn't Work 2014
    A troupe of actors prepare to stage the story of the Spear of Shango for the British Governor and his wife
  • Wildefire 2014
    Focusing on the demise of a policewoman's career, the play explores the struggles and pressures faced by the police force.
  • Liberian Girl 2015
    Set against the Liberian civil war, a young girl flees her village by dressing as a boy which leads to her having to join a band of child...
  • Upper Cut 2015
    Explores ethnic diversity in the British Labour Party
  • Re: Exhibit 2015
    About an actor auditoning for a role in Brett Bailey's "Exhibit B" which was cancelled following accusations of racism
  • Antigone 2015
    Sophocles's tragedy transposed to an urban gangland setting
  • Muscovado 2015
    About slavery and the sugar trade
  • I See You 2015
    A couple meetin in a nightclub on a Friday night and end up in a police station. The play explores old and new identities in post...
  • Eclipsed 2015
    Story of four women's lives during civil war
  • The Spalding Suite 2015
    About the lives of a basketball team
  • Fast Cuts and Snap Shots 2015
    A group of black men from different countries - Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria, Zimbabwe - meet and discuss a range of topics from history to...
  • hang 2015
    Explores themes of criminal justice, capital punishment and revenge
  • Bread on the Table 2015
    Explores issues related to wheat trading
  • Chocolate 2015
    Explores sugar addiction and the cocoa trade through a relationship between a girl and her boyfriend
  • Turned 2015
    Young British man returns to war-torn Nigeria in search of his friend
  • Dark and Lovely 2015
    Solo show exploring back identity through hair
  • Calculating Kindness 2016
    About the life of American scientist George Price
  • After Independence 2016
    Explores issues of colonialism, race and origins
  • Soul 2016
  • Cuttin' It 2016
    About female genital mutilation as seen throught he experiences of two teenage girls
  • Now We Are Here 2016
    Workshopped piece with refugee writers in collaboration with Deanna Rodger, Ian Rickson and Imogen Brodieby. Explores writers' life...
  • Bitches 2016
    Two teenage vloggers whose relationship comes under strain as Funke begins to engage with the Black Lives Matter campaign.
  • Amongst the Reeds 2016
    Two teenage illegal immigrants struggle to live in the UK
  • House 2016
    A British Nigerian family's sectrets emerge during a birthday meal.
  • Girls 2016
    Three girls held hostage by an unnamed terrorist group.
  • Torn 2016
    Secrets from the past threaten a mixed-race family
  • Nina: A Story About Me and Nina Simone 2016
    Draws connections between Bushell-Mingo's life growing up in the UK and Nina Simone's in the US exploring themes of racism and oppression
  • The Hotel Cerise 2016
    An upper-class black owned hotel on the eve of the presidential election.
  • The Convert 2017
    Explored themes of Christianity and colonialism
  • Good Dog 2017
    One person monologue about urban decay and unrest
  • New Nigerians 2017
    Political satire on contemporary Nigerian politics
  • Barber Shop Chronicles 2017
    Explores themes of black masculinity
  • Ode to Leeds 2017
    Five Leeds spoken word poets compete in an international poetry slam in New York City.
  • Summer in London 2017
    A romantic comedy pefromed by a cast of all transgender actors
  • Half Breed 2017
  • Nine Night 2018