• 24% 1991
  • Armed and Dangerous 1992
    Eight of the country's top black actors give a satirical view of modern black British life in sketches, dance and ensemble routines. They...
  • Ave Afrika 1990
    Ave Afrika focuses on the evolution of Ave Lucas. A successful business woman, winning the battles of a sometimes obstructive corporate...
  • Booked! 1998
    A comic spin through the day-to-day encounters of a group of West African 'visitors' to Britain.
  • Death and the King's Horseman 1990
    The King is dead, and tonight his Horseman must escort him to the Ancestors. As Elesin Oba dances through the closing marketplace,...
  • Independence Day 1998
    A woman in her fifties is sleeping with a man in his thirties. They say they're in love with each other. It's a love the world can't live...
  • Oroonoko 1999
    In 1688 the British writer and playwright Aphra Behn published her novella, Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave. It tells the strory of an...
  • Talking In Tongues 1991
    Talking in Tongues set in London and New York begins with a New Year's party in London. Whilst hiding amongst the coats away from the...
  • Unbroken 1997
  • Zumbi - Flame of Resistance 1995
    A muscial drama based on the myths and legends of ZUMBI, a seventeenth century black Brazilian freedom fighter.
  • Glory 1990
    Glory is an anti-imperialist story of struggle for independence for Trinidad and Tobago interweaved with abuse of a young woman by her...
  • Paper and Stone 1990
    Paper And Stone focuses on the lives of two young black women. Brenda craves independence and is persuaded by Juliet to get away from her...
  • Dragon Can't Dance, The 1990
    The Dragon Can't Dance explores the power of Carnival over the lives of the community on Calvary Hill, in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
  • Streetwise 1990
  • Jamaican Airman Forsees His Death, A 1991
    Three young Jamaican men join the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. A strong bond of friendship and memories of home accompany...
  • Coup, The 1991
    A funeral oration of President Eddie Jones; a precarious military takeover with trigger-happy squabbling factions: Mustapha Matura's...
  • On A Level 1992
  • Hound 1992
  • Flamingo 1992
  • Odyssey, The 1992
    The story of Odysseus' protracted wanderings from fallen Troy to his island home of Ithaca. The episodes are pungently interspersed with...
  • Arawak Gold 1992
    Arawak Gold explores the arrival of Christopher Columbus to Americas from the perspective of the Arawak Indians.
  • Marching for Fausa 1993
    Marching for Fausa explores political corruption in the Federal Republic of Songhai, a fictional country on the west coast of Africa. A...
  • Leonora's Dance 1993
    Leonora always wanted to be a dancer, and her dreams are fulfilled when she joins the ballet. Here she experiences prejudice and...
  • Twilight Shift 1993
    The play focuses on two gay men living in a small Scottish mining village.
  • Running Dream 1993
    Running Dream tells the story of three generations of West Indian women with warmth and humour.
  • Alma 1993
  • Song of A Bluefoot Man 1993
    Song of a Bluefoot Man is the story of a Jamaican traveller and the people he meets, the things he sees, and his dreams. His story is...
  • The Lion 1993
  • Invisible 1993
  • Bitter 'n Twisted The Ten Commandments of Black Love 1994
    Jamaicans Courtney and Bibby marry in 1966, but one year later they both die in a jealous crime of passion. To save their souls from...
  • Moor Masterpieces 1994
    Othello, James Baldwin, Solomon, Duke Ellington and Martin Luther King talk about the past, present, slavery and liberation.
  • Two Horsemen 1994
    Baja and Langbaja trade stories about life, sex, and god in a run-down shack. They say they are street-sweepers, but gradually they...
  • Resurrections in the Season of the Longest Drought 1994
    Resurrections set in Nigeria is a subversive and satirical drama that takes us into a world where shady drug dealers and corrupt lawyers...
  • Maskarade 1994
  • Death Catches the Hunter 1995
    When the prophet Emefa receives the word of God he founds a new chruch, and the people flock to see the miracles he performs. He cures...
  • Gulp Fiction 1996
    Two ex-cons on a mission. Returning to the East End of London after seven years in jail they discover their private lives are in ruins.
  • To Rahtid 1996
  • Mules 1996
    In a luxury hotel room, three sleek young black women are panicking. They are high-class "mules" (or drugs couriers) and one of their...
  • No Boys Cricket Club 1996
    Living alone on a drab London council estate, Abi has long since lost sight of the good things in life, until an old friend takes her...
  • Brother to Brother 1996
    A verbal tapestry of interwoven stories exploring the experience of being black and male in Britian.
  • Tickets and Ties 1997
    Tickets and Ties examines the experiences of an extended West African family living in London.
  • Things Fall Apart 1997
    Things Fall Apart is a theatrical adaptation of the Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel. The play focuses on the story of...
  • Twice Through the Heart 1997
    Based on a true story the play focuses on a woman in prison contemplating her life.
  • Sin Dykes 1998
    Sin Dykes is the story of one woman's exploration of sexuality. "Dykers are out of the closet. Black dykes openly do SM, dykes openly...
  • Avalanche 1998
  • After Windrush 1998
    Michael McMillan's After Windrush presents a rewriting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  • Starstruck 1998
    A snapshot of the hopes and broken dreams of a family in the Caribbean at a time when Hollywood heart-throb Stewart Granger lands in...
  • Trickster's Payback 1998
    Its 2099 and scoundrels, villains and tricksters are fighting it out. Who do you trust at payback time when you are surrounded by double...
  • 48-98 1998
    48-98 is a multimedia stage drama which mixes documentary footage with domestic conflict.
  • Sounds... in Session 1998
    A basement recording studio. Three people are hoping to record the one track that will change their lives; Tanya, a young black singer...
  • Coups and Calypsos 1999
    Elvira is African. Rohan is Indian. They are both Trinidadian. They live in London but are stranded on the holiday island of Tobago...
  • Lift Off 1999
    When old time school friends Mal and Tone begin to break their lifelong friendship, bitter prejudices are brought to the fore.
  • Up Against The Wall 1999
    Henry's got an idea. A great idea. An idea that's gonna make him millions. He's gonna write a musical. A black musical. A big black...
  • Bonded 1999
  • Can you Keep a Secret? 1999
    This tender and moving play explores a shocking murder and it's aftermath.
  • Women Of Troy 2099 1999
    Women of Troy 2009 projects Euripides' classic The Trojan Women one hundred years into the future, where global war rages.
  • Happy Birthday Mister Deka D 1999
    Mister Deka D celebrates his birthday in a place where time has stood still. A man and a woman come together to confront their past,...
  • Big Nose 1999
    Based on Rostand's classic story of Cyrano de Bergerac and set in the Eastern Caribbean in 1957, the show follows the fortunes of Clovis...
  • Carnival Messiah 1999
    Inspired by Handel's celebration of the story of Christ. Carnival Messiah uses the colourful, exuberant traditions of Trinidad carnival...
  • Hyacinth Blue 1999
    Hyacinth Blue tells the stories of Patience, Abina and Charlotte, three women in prison. As Abina does Patiences hair, the voices draw...
  • Absolution 1999
    In Absolution a woman leaves the Caribbean, in the postwar migration stream, idealistic and full of hope, to start a new life in England....
  • Story of M, The 2003
    Commissioned by the Institute for Contemporary Arts in 1995, The Story of M has received great critical acclaim in both the United States...