• 13 Mics 2022
  • Absolute Beginners 2007
    Teenagers are blowing away the cobwebs of post-war life - the absolute beginners are creating the world anew. A Vespa-riding young...
  • Asylum 2022
  • Backslider 2022
  • Black 2022
  • Dija 2022
    This is the inside of a black child's dream, a child who is searching for her birthday
  • Drummer, The 2022
    A tramp roots through rubbish finds a drumstick, then a second. He can make a rhythm with the sticks, and then with an upturned tin can...
  • From Zia with Love 2022
    When the Military decrees that a crime carrying a prison sentence now retroactively warrants summary execution, confusion and fear...
  • Ghost Town 2022
  • Hold it Up 2022
  • Horses Of The Night 2022
    Horses of the Night draws heavily on the language and themes of Christpoher Marlowe's Dr Faustus.
  • Irish Pele 2022
  • Jumbie Street March 2022
    T-Bone Wilson's play explores the emergence in Guyana of a seemingly socialist government.
  • Mass Carib 2022
  • Occupation, The 2022
    A sherry-gang of white drop outs squat in a grand mansion
  • Precious 2022
  • RAAS 2022
  • Ragamuffim 2022
  • Rastafarian, The 2022
    A boys acceptance of death and life
  • Sea at Dauphin 2022
    The sea is a metaphor in this play as two fishermen confront their lives and regeneration on a West Indian island.
  • Seduced 2022
  • Speak 2022
  • Temba 2022
  • Ti-Jean and His Brothers 2022
    A parable of three sons and how each fares with the devil, especially Ti-Jean, "a fool like all heroes," who passed through the tangled...
  • Unbroken 2022
  • Well, The 2022
  • At What A Price 1933
    The play, a comedy, concerns the fate of a young Jamaican woman who moves from the countryside into the city of Kingston to work as a...
  • Toussaint L'Ouverture 1936
    In 1791, inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution, the slaves of San Domingo rose in revolt. Despite invasion by a series of...
  • Henri Christophe 1950
    Concerning a Haitian slave who became a king
  • Crossroads 1954
  • Cell, The 1957
  • Wey, Wey 1957
  • Flesh to a Tiger 1958
    Drama set in the Caribbean.
  • Moon on a Rainbow Shawl 1958
    The play centres on around a group of characters living close to the poverty line in a shared tenement yard in Port of Spain, Trinidad....
  • Invention, The 1959
    The Invention reflects the obsession with race that marked the apartheid regime, and prophetically depicts the beginnings of the...
  • Nongogo 1959
    Ajazz honky-tonk bar in Johannesburg in the 1950s where the sheebeen-queen, now affluent, tries to live down her past as a Nongogo or...
  • Dance of the Forests, A 1960
    A Dance of the Forests presents a complex interplay between gods, mortals, and the dead in which the ideal goal is the experience of self...
  • Man Better Man 1960
    The giddy atmosphere of carnival is the setting for Errol Hill's 'Man Better Man', a rumbustuous, colourful comedy musical about...
  • You in Your Small Corner 1960
    Dave has just moved to London from Jamaica to study and be with his mother, Mrs Jordan, who runs a social club for her fellow countrymen...
  • Skyvers 1963
    Skyvers is an unflinchingly honest study of life in a London secondary school where a gang of unruly 15-year-olds are on the verge of...
  • Batai (Carnival Show) 1965
    Carnival Show
  • Jack of Spades 1965
    Written for the Commonwealth Arts Festival Jack of Spades courted controversy while touching directly on matters of importance and...
  • Mummer's Play, The 1965
    Bellysong and Pariah, whose age difference could make them father and son, are actually two black artists at different stages of...
  • Road, The 1965
  • Coat, The 1966
    Five performers on a bare stage invite a 'white' audience to witness them devise a play
  • Dream on Monkey Mountain 1967
    The play follows Makak from one visionary night in his solitary home on Monkey Moutnain, upon a messianic journey of physical healing,...
  • People Are Living There 1968
    Jilted landlady organises party for lodgers to prove she can enjoy herself in old age.
  • Boesman And Lena 1969
    Poor, wandering South African black couple, meet old man revealing the true relationship of their marriage.
  • Seigismundo's Tricycle: A Dialogue of Self and Soul 1969
    An old white man on a silver tricycle and a Negro who walks with crutches examine their state of affairs.
  • Burghers of Calais 1970
    The story of the Scottsboro boys from 1931 to 1950. Uses whiteface
  • Dialogue 1970
    An episode, which obliquely shows the dangers for black people of succumbing to society's mad desire for consumer goods and forgetting...
  • Friday's Bread on Monday 1970
    An impoverished essay on hunger in the townships
  • Fun In Lethe; or, The Feast of Misrule 1970
    The play involves the journey of a young Negro poet through Great Britain; it makes use of Chinese classical drama, as well as Greek comedy
  • Indian 1970
    Indian is an entertaining slice of life set in a West Indian pad near Westbourne Grove, London.
  • My Enemy 1970
    My Enemy shows the attempts of a white MP to verbally destroy a Black Power leader who is having an affair with his daughter.
  • Party 1970
  • As Time Goes By 1971
    Mustapha Matura’s first full-length play, As Time Goes By won the George Devine and John Whiting awards in 1971. A satirical comedy about...
  • Life and Times of J Walter Smintheus, The 1971
    Smintheus, a black bourgeois intellectual, while working on a massive sociological study entitled "The Contributions of the Negro...
  • Orestes 1971
    A tale of two sets of triangular relationships: Clytemnestra, Orestes and Electra; and the mother and daughter killed by the 60's bomber...
  • Wonderful Yeare, The 1971
    The allusion in this Spanish/black play is London's deliverance from a plague, among other impending disasters. But even while plagues...
  • 11 Josephine House 1972
    A black family are trying to adjust to the temptations of English Life; a black preacher falls from grace.
  • Bakerloo Line 1972
    A black man meets a white woman at a liberal party in London.
  • Crucificado, The 1972
    Morose, a junkie existing in a haunting world of beggar prophets and trapped women, tries to free himself from the slavery imposed upon...
  • Gente, La 1973
  • Hello and Goodbye 1973
    Siblings reunion evokes bitter childhood memories and feelings of despair.
  • Island, The 1973
    Two political prisoners in the Robben Island maximum security prison perform lengthy backbreaking mimes. Part of A South African Season.
  • Nice 1973
  • Sizwe Bansi is Dead 1973
    Sizwe Bansi is Dead written collaboratively with South African actors John Kani and Winston Ntshona explores the dehumanising treatment...
  • Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act 1973
    A couple run-up against the South African law prohibiting mixed-race relationships
  • Sweet Talk 1973
    Set in a single room whose walls define its characters' lives, Sweet Talk, the most widely performed of Michael Abbensetts' plays, is a...
  • Femmes Noires, Les 1974
    The play explores the tribulations of black women in New York and the lonliness of the human condition. A presence in the play - almost a...
  • No Good Friday 1974
    Period 1950's dealing with the gang protection racket in Johannesburg townships
  • Play Mas 1974
    Play Mas recreates the impact of the heady political momentum generated by the People's National Movement in Trinidad in the early...
  • X 1974
  • Dimetos 1975
    Concerns the position and responsibility of an intellectual in society
  • School's Out 1975
    The play follows new idealistic headteacher Russ Dacres' doomed efforts to turn the school into a new centre for learning.
  • Anne Marie 1976
  • Bread 1976
  • Defense, The 1976
    A guard in a Lower East Side (New York) housing project, has had a dream of death. The play is a summoning of a defense, images from his...
  • Parcel Post 1976
    A supposed virgin bride travels from Africa to join the bridegroom in London. All they know of each other is from photographs.
  • Pygmies and the Pyramid, The 1976
    My Ex' tells the story of three, very different, married couples who all recently decided to buy a new house. The three houses they buy...
  • Lament for Rastafari 1977
    A vast historical and geographical panorama of the trials of Rastafarian life. Set in Jamaica, New York and England, the play begins with...
  • On The Out 1977
  • Pulse 1977
  • Say Hallelujah 1977
    Say Hallelujah is a comedy set around the domestic and religious exploits of a long suffering easy going West Indian grocer and his...
  • Alterations 1978
    Alterations is a comedy set in a tailor's shop, inspired by a real visit to a small room off Carnaby Street where two black tailors had...
  • Black Women, The 1978
    The Black Women explores the lonely, alienated lives of African American women in New York.
  • Masada 1978
  • More More 1978
  • Pantomime 1978
    Pantomine is a fast pace comedy set on the Caribbean island of Tobago. In the hope of entertaining future guests, an English Hotel owner...
  • School Leaver, The 1978
    'The School Leaver is about a young black man in the last year of his school. He finds staying on futile and decides to leave and earn a...
  • Teresa 1979
    Alton Kumalo's main protagonist Teresa, finds herself trapped between the conflicting cultures of her native Zambia and the English...
  • Welcome Home Jacko 1979
    Welcome Home Jacko was inspired by a visit Matura made to a youth club in Sheffield in the 1970s. The play examines the lives of four...
  • Lesson From Aloes, A 1980
    A humane but naïve Afrikaner chooses to wait out apartheid whilst his Anglo-Saxon wife teeters on the brink of insanity and the coloured...
  • Samba 1980
    Samba tells the story of Alfredo Lamas a 1950s former Samba King, now running a mini-cab firm. Once the star attraction of the Samba Club...
  • Scrape off the Black 1980
    London's East End in 1973. Trevor organises a surprise party on the release of his brother Andy from Borstal prison. But Rose, his bingo...
  • Strange Fruit 1980
    A study of a black family caught between two cultures.
  • In The Mood 1981
    In The Mood focuses on two Caribbean Second World War veterans, whose nostalgic Remembrance Sunday lunch is disrupted by a visit from...
  • In Transit 1981
  • One Rule 1981
    Directed by Charlie Hanson this is a play about an ambitious reggae band. Tick, the idealisitic bassist of the band, challenges his...
  • Chameleon 1982
  • Exodus 1982
  • Fingers Only 1982
    Set in a small town near Lagos during World War 2 Fingers Only is the tale of three pick-pockets, Bab-Osa (master-pick-pocket) Magun Yaro...
  • Fishing 1982
  • Four Hundred Pounds 1982
    Refusal to pot the black in a snooker game on ideological grounds loses hero and his more pragmatic gambling partner similar sum of money.
  • Hey Brown Girl 1982
    Hey Brown Girl focuses on the experiences of being young, black and female.
  • Last Carnival, The 1982
    Colonial life style of a French Creole family faced with the emergence of the black power movement
  • Meetings 1982
    Hugh and Jean are a middle class, successful, Trinidadian couple leading very busy lifestyles. Hugh becomes aware of something missing in...
  • Toussaint 1982
  • Trinity: The Long and Cheerful Road to Slavery 1982
    Three one act plays dealing with relationships. A Nigerian and West Indian in a London jail trying to bridge the 400 year old gulf of...
  • Where There Is Darkness 1982
    Where There is Darkness examines the plight of a West Indian Man on the eve of his return to the Caribbean after an absence of 25 ,...
  • Branch of the New Nile, A 1983
    The play explores the conflict of classical with creole forms in terms of theatre, asking whether it is possible for a Caribbean actor to...
  • Like Them That Dream 1983
    A young South African living in exile in New York comes face to face with an old enemy, he must choose between revenge or mercy
  • Master Harold and the Boys 1983
    A young white student moves from childhood innocence to poisonous bigotry.
  • Mille Miglia 1983
    Preparations for the great road race featuring the unique partnership between Moss and Jenkinson
  • Nine Night, The 1983
    Hamon Williams has lived in exile in England for twenty years. He calls a family gathering to propose that the family can regain its...
  • On Duty 1983
  • Outlaw, The 1983
    Having visited the United States, Gloria returns to her husband and to her home with new ideas about freedom within her marriage and...
  • Shelter, The 1983
    The first half of this play takes place on a desert island in the late eighteenth-century where an upper-class woman and a black man in...
  • Silhouette 1983
    Silhouette examines the meeting between a young woman and the spirit of a woman who died a slave in the Caribbean 200 years ago.
  • Sleeping Policeman 1983
    Sleeping Police examines Peckham, in South London, through the eyes of six of its inhabitants.
  • Smile Orange 1983
    A romp through a tourist trap hotel.
  • Two Can Play 1983
    Jim and Gloria smuggle their three children out of the country to what they believe will be a better life in America.
  • Umongikazi 1983
  • Boot Dance, The 1984
    The play follows the disintegration and slow recovery of a young South African boot dancer who, after ten years alone in England suddenly...
  • El Dorado 1984
    Specifically set in 'The West Indies', El Dorado turns its attention to a mixed-race, middle class family interred in their formerly...
  • Langbodo 1984
  • Money To Live 1984
    The play tells the story of the underpaid, yet independent, Charlene. Her vivacious friend Judy persuades Charlene to join her in the...
  • No Place To Be Nice 1984
    This is the story of Price, an unsuccessful business man who aspires to greater things. His life is a round of never-ending, ominous...
  • Playboy of the West Indies 1984
    Based on J M Synge’s Playboy of the Western World,Matura's play opened at the Oxford Playhouse in 1984 and subsequently toured the UK...
  • Pyeyucca 1984
  • Redemption Song 1984
    Redemption Song is a blend of melodrama and ritual. A poet, Legion Bramble, returns to his island homeland during the Mummers' Festival...
  • Trial of Dedan Kimathi, The 1984
    The Trial of Dedan Kimathi is set during 1952-60, the last phase of British colonial rule in Kenya. Kimathi, leader of the Kenyan Land...
  • Basin 1985
  • Blues for Railton 1985
    Tragi-comedy about a black immigrant family's experiences in Britain, fusing Afro-Caribbean rituals and rhythms.
  • Chameleon 1985
  • Girl Who Wished, The 1985
    The Girl Who Wished is the story of a young girl who prefers to be somebody other than herself. The play explores the idea that role...
  • Lonely Cowboy 1985
    A couple's attempt to start a cafe leads to comedy and then tragedy as they try to ban other values than their own from the cafe.
  • Mamma Decemba 1985
    Mamma Decemba is a bittersweet play about an older Jamaican woman living in England who finds herself widowed, jobless, and deserted by...
  • Ritual 1985
    The play takes on the form of ritual by intersecting text with music and dance. The main character, Barzey, is approaching 40, and as a...
  • Road To Mecca, The 1985
    Suggested by the life and work of Helen Martins of New Bethesda who is shunned by the small community as an eccentric
  • Soul Night 1986
  • Chiaroscuro 1986
    The play revolves around Aisha, Opal, Beth and Yomi who are brought together by the experiences faced as black women in Britain.
  • Echo in the Bone, An 1986
    Crew, a black peasant, is missing. Maas Charlie, the white estate owner is dead. What killed him? The answers lie deep in the racial...
  • Fixed Deal 1986
  • Master of Carnival, The 1986
    Based on a short story by Euton Jarvis, which presents a veteran mask maker who sacrifices his life in his effort to win the carnival...
  • Pirate Princess, The 1986
    The Pirate Princess is set aboard a pirate ship where the notorious John Rackman, alias Calico Jack, leads a band of recalcitrants in his...
  • Revo 1986
  • Waiting For Hannibal 1986
    Waiting for Hannibal is a drama of love, war, power and politics, played out in Africa in 204BC. The play charts and explores the...
  • Women and Sisters 1986
    The play centres on the anti-slavery campaign and in particular the writings of the African-American abolitionist and women's rights...
  • High Life 1987
  • Leave Taking 1987
    Leave Taking, first produced in 1987 at the Liverpool Playhouse, is a play about relationships, identity and the role of the past in the...
  • Place with the Pigs, A 1987
    Provoked by the true story of a 2 World War Soviet Army deserter, Pavel Navvrotsky, who spent forty one years hiding in his own pigsty
  • Remembrance 1987
    Remembrance is the story of an eloquent retired teacher who cannot reconcile his anachronistic love of British culture with the evolution...
  • Tewodros 1987
  • Tres Cepas 1987
  • Blood, Sweat and Fears 1988
    A fast food restaurant create problems for a black employee when it is discovered he is suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia. Part of the...
  • Island Life 1988
    The hopes and fears of three women in an old peoples' home.
  • O Babylon! 1988
    The play is both the love story of Aaron and Electric Gyal, and the story of the Trench Town community's strugle for survival against the...
  • Ragamuffin 1989
    Ragamuffin is a man on trial. In the 'Supreme Court of Afrikan Justice' he has been indicted for his role in criminalizing the black...
  • Temporary Rupture, A 1988
    The man you love, the father of your child, does a bunk at the alter, and disappears out of your life. What do you do? You probably...
  • Twice Over 1988
  • Abolition 1989
    The play explores the history of the transatlantic slave trade by examining the political set-up in Britain and the practice among...
  • Adam's Dream 1989
    Directed by Malcolm Frederick this surreal comedy is set in Harlem and tells the story of Adam, an African American lawyer, who loses his...
  • Back Street Mammy 1989
    Back Street Mammy explores the consequences of a one night stand.
  • Beef, No Chicken 1989
    Set in Trinidad, Beef No Chicken is a tragicomedy about a small town facing the encroachment of a six-lane highway.
  • Hero's Welcome, A 1989
    A Hero's Welcome follows the story of three young women growing up in the Caribbean in 1947 and the men who seem to offer a way out.
  • Mother Poem 1989
    The stage adaptation of Edward Kamau Brathwaite's Mother Poem is a combination of dreams, memories and questions inspired by the island...
  • Prime Time 1989
  • Rock in Water, A 1989
    A Rock in Water was commissioned by the Royal Court Young People's Theatre, to examine the life and work of Trinidadian journalist and...
  • Take Back What's Yours 1989
    Although Beatie longs for the idyllic Dominica of her past, where she intends to marry Ronny, she is blind to the tensions that her dream...
  • Ave Afrika 1990
    Ave Afrika focuses on the evolution of Ave Lucas. A successful business woman, winning the battles of a sometimes obstructive corporate...
  • Death and The King's Horseman 1990
    The King is dead, and tonight his Horseman must escort him to the Ancestors. As Elesin Oba dances through the closing marketplace,...
  • Delirium 1990
  • Dragon Can't Dance, The 1990
    The Dragon Can't Dance explores the power of Carnival over the lives of the community on Calvary Hill, in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
  • Glory 1990
    Glory is an anti-imperialist story of struggle for independence for Trinidad and Tobago interweaved with abuse of a young woman by her...
  • My Children, My Africa 1990
    A play which debates the value of a humanist education in a context of radical political action
  • Paper and Stone 1990
    Paper And Stone focuses on the lives of two young black women. Brenda craves independence and is persuaded by Juliet to get away from her...
  • Streetwise 1990
  • The Coup 1990
  • 24% 1991
  • Coup, The 1991
    A funeral oration of President Eddie Jones; a precarious military takeover with trigger-happy squabbling factions: Mustapha Matura's...
  • Hair 1991
    A play highlighting the cultural gap between a mother and her British born son.
  • Jamaican Airman Forsees His Death, A 1991
    Three young Jamaican men join the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. A strong bond of friendship and memories of home accompany...
  • Steel 1991
  • Talking In Tongues 1991
    Talking in Tongues set in London and New York begins with a New Year's party in London. Whilst hiding amongst the coats away from the...
  • Aftertaste Of Sherry, An 1992
    The production takes the form of two one-act plays. They both reflect on the lives and times of four black women. The first play ...
  • Arawak Gold 1992
    Arawak Gold explores the arrival of Christopher Columbus to Americas from the perspective of the Arawak Indians.
  • Armed and Dangerous 1992
    Eight of the country's top black actors give a satirical view of modern black British life in sketches, dance and ensemble routines. They...
  • Flamingo 1992
  • Hound 1992
  • My Life 1992
    A piece Fugard workshopped with Elleanor Busi Mthimunye, Reshoketswe Maredi, Heather Leite, Riana Jacobs and Sivagamy Govender, based on...
  • Odyssey, The 1992
    The story of Odysseus' protracted wanderings from fallen Troy to his island home of Ithaca. The episodes are pungently interspersed with...
  • On A Level 1992
  • Playland 1992
    A story of apartheid; a white man requires black man's help to start car.
  • Alma 1993
  • Invisible 1993
  • Leonora's Dance 1993
    Leonora always wanted to be a dancer, and her dreams are fulfilled when she joins the ballet. Here she experiences prejudice and...
  • Lion, The 1993
  • Marching for Fausa 1993
    Marching for Fausa explores political corruption in the Federal Republic of Songhai, a fictional country on the west coast of Africa. A...
  • Running Dream 1993
    Running Dream tells the story of three generations of West Indian women with warmth and humour.
  • Song of A Bluefoot Man 1993
    Song of a Bluefoot Man is the story of a Jamaican traveller and the people he meets, the things he sees, and his dreams. His story is...
  • Twilight Shift 1993
    The play focuses on two gay men living in a small Scottish mining village.
  • Bitter 'n Twisted The Ten Commandments of Black Love 1994
    Jamaicans Courtney and Bibby marry in 1966, but one year later they both die in a jealous crime of passion. To save their souls from...
  • Maskarade 1994
  • Moor Masterpieces 1994
    Othello, James Baldwin, Solomon, Duke Ellington and Martin Luther King talk about the past, present, slavery and liberation.
  • Resurrections in the Season of the Longest Drought 1994
    Resurrections set in Nigeria is a subversive and satirical drama that takes us into a world where shady drug dealers and corrupt lawyers...
  • Two Horsemen 1994
    Baja and Langbaja trade stories about life, sex, and god in a run-down shack. They say they are street-sweepers, but gradually they...
  • Death Catches the Hunter 1995
    When the prophet Emefa receives the word of God he founds a new chruch, and the people flock to see the miracles he performs. He cures...
  • Story of M, The 2003
    Commissioned by the Institute for Contemporary Arts in 1995, The Story of M has received great critical acclaim in both the United States...
  • Zumbi - Flame of Resistance 1995
    A muscial drama based on the myths and legends of ZUMBI, a seventeenth century black Brazilian freedom fighter.
  • Brother to Brother 1996
    A verbal tapestry of interwoven stories exploring the experience of being black and male in Britian.
  • Gulp Fiction 1996
    Two ex-cons on a mission. Returning to the East End of London after seven years in jail they discover their private lives are in ruins.
  • Mules 1996
    In a luxury hotel room, three sleek young black women are panicking. They are high-class "mules" (or drugs couriers) and one of their...
  • No Boys Cricket Club 1996
    Living alone on a drab London council estate, Abi has long since lost sight of the good things in life, until an old friend takes her...
  • To Rahtid 1996
  • Valley Song 1996
    A young girl seeks the courage to embrace the future of south Africa whilst her grandfather confronts the past
  • Iced 1997
    The play was directed by Felix Cross and tells the story of Cornelius Washington Jnr. He is a 40 year old product of a middle class,...
  • Iced 1997
    The play tells the story of Cornelius Washington Jnr. He is a 40 year old product of a middle class, stable American family and a crack...
  • Shango 1997
    West African tale of love, magic and violence bursting out of the young and old people left behind in a decaying community.
  • Things Fall Apart 1997
    Things Fall Apart is a theatrical adaptation of the Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel. The play focuses on the story of...
  • Tickets and Ties 1997
    Tickets and Ties examines the experiences of an extended West African family living in London.
  • Twice Through the Heart 1997
    Based on a true story the play focuses on a woman in prison contemplating her life.
  • Unbroken 1997
  • 48-98 1998
    48-98 is a multimedia stage drama which mixes documentary footage with domestic conflict.
  • After Windrush 1998
    Michael McMillan's After Windrush presents a rewriting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  • Avalanche 1998
  • Booked! 1998
    A comic spin through the day-to-day encounters of a group of West African 'visitors' to Britain.
  • Independence Day 1998
    A woman in her fifties is sleeping with a man in his thirties. They say they're in love with each other. It's a love the world can't live...
  • Sin Dykes 1998
    Sin Dykes is the story of one woman's exploration of sexuality. "Dykers are out of the closet. Black dykes openly do SM, dykes openly...
  • Sounds... in Session 1998
    A basement recording studio. Three people are hoping to record the one track that will change their lives; Tanya, a young black singer...
  • Starstruck 1998
    A snapshot of the hopes and broken dreams of a family in the Caribbean at a time when Hollywood heart-throb Stewart Granger lands in...
  • Trickster's Payback 1998
    Its 2099 and scoundrels, villains and tricksters are fighting it out. Who do you trust at payback time when you are surrounded by double...
  • Absolution 1999
    In Absolution a woman leaves the Caribbean, in the postwar migration stream, idealistic and full of hope, to start a new life in England....
  • Big Nose 1999
    Based on Rostand's classic story of Cyrano de Bergerac and set in the Eastern Caribbean in 1957, the show follows the fortunes of Clovis...
  • Bonded 1999
  • Can you Keep a Secret? 1999
    This tender and moving play explores a shocking murder and it's aftermath.
  • Capeman, The: A Musical 1999
    Based on a true story of Salvador Agron a sixteen year old Puerto Rican gang member of the "Vampires" sentenced to death for gang murders
  • Carnival Messiah 1999
    Inspired by Handel's celebration of the story of Christ. Carnival Messiah uses the colourful, exuberant traditions of Trinidad carnival...
  • Coups and Calypsos 1999
    Elvira is African. Rohan is Indian. They are both Trinidadian. They live in London but are stranded on the holiday island of Tobago...
  • Doin' It 1999
  • Happy Birthday Mister Deka D 1999
    Mister Deka D celebrates his birthday in a place where time has stood still. A man and a woman come together to confront their past,...
  • Hold On 1999
    Hold On tells the story of the egotistical chauvinist Rufus Collins trying to put on a sixties soul tribute concert, while his female...
  • Hyacinth Blue 1999
    Hyacinth Blue tells the stories of Patience, Abina and Charlotte, three women in prison. As Abina does Patience’s hair, the voices draw...
  • Jobell and America 1999
    Joebel believes his seeing too much hell in Trinidad and decided he is going to live in America.
  • Lift Off 1999
    When old time school friends Mal and Tone begin to break their lifelong friendship, bitter prejudices are brought to the fore.
  • Oroonoko 1999
    In 1688 the British writer and playwright Aphra Behn published her novella, Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave. It tells the strory of an...
  • Up Against The Wall 1999
    Henry's got an idea. A great idea. An idea that's gonna make him millions. He's gonna write a musical. A black musical. A big black...
  • Women Of Troy 2099 1999
    Women of Troy 2009 projects Euripides' classic The Trojan Women one hundred years into the future, where global war rages.
  • Captains Tiger, The 2000
    Fugard looks back to 1952 and a year he spent on a cargo steamer when he was 20, working as a general dogsbody, zigzagging to what was...
  • Clear Water 2000
    Clear Water, a drama that explores the tension that results as a family struggles to accept its African roots.
  • Far Side, The 2000
    The Far Side is based on the aftermath of the Stephen Lawrence murder where a kangaroo court of the local community summon back the...
  • Gift, The 2000
    Since their childhood, when Heather left Jamaica to start a new life in England, her half-sister Bernice always claimed to have 'the gift...
  • Junior's Story 2000
    A rent boy called Junior gets caught up in male prostitution.
  • Local Boy 2000
  • Makinde 2000
    Inspired by William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Makinde is the story of a young British graduate of West African descent who, on the eve of...
  • Mary Seacole 2000
    Mary Seacole the Opera tells the dramatic ture story of the pioneering Jamaican healer Mary Seacole daughter of a black Jamiacan mother...
  • Poison 2000
  • Prayer, The 2000
    As a young boy, Granville is subjected to physical and mental torture by his bullying father. He is beaten into submission, battered into...
  • Tuna Girl 2000
    Marlene has moved to the seaside with her Dad. She misses the city and her friends and the life she left behind. But Marlene's problems...
  • Under Their Influence 2000
    Under Their Influence is set in contemporary London. The action takes place in a mental institution where the patient is having what he...
  • Water 2000
  • Abyssinia 2001
    Queen Victoria and Albert had numerous offspring, but none of them had a more profound effect on the Royal family than their black...
  • Adventures of Snow Black And Rose Red, The 2001
    This is a modern fairy tale fusing African, Asian, and European myth with urban city life. Two female friends are trapped in the web of...
  • Bitter Herb, A 2001
    Valerie MacKenna is a successful middle-class businesswoman, who lives with her husband, Willard, son Peter and adopted white daughter...
  • Brixton Stories (Or the Short and Happy Life of Ossie Jones) 2001
    A preacher, heckler and soapbox philosopher debate life and religion. A busker sings the Brixton National anthem, complete with gunshots...
  • Caravan 2001
    Becky has to go on holiday with her Dad, his new girlfriend, and her daughter Tasmin. Tasmin is only interested in music, clothes and...
  • Clubland 2001
    Although Ben is married to Denise he's still on the pull, Kenny's looking for someone who's "right", Ade's with Sandra but playing the...
  • Equiano 2001
    Based on the extraordinary autobiography of Olaudah Equiano, the play explores the secret history of Britain's earliest black community.
  • Mapping The Edge 2001
    Mapping the Edge was created by Louise Ann Wilson and Wils Wilson in collaboration with playwright Bernardine Evaristo, poet Amanda...
  • One Love 2001
    Hot, humid, downtown Kingston, Jamaica. The 1970s. Streets pulse with reggae, rhythm and dub. Brotherman is a local Rastafarian guru who...
  • Passports to the Promised Land 2001
    Jordan is on a voyage of discovery. At nineteen years of age he leaves the Caribbean for England in search of his father. But rather than...
  • Souls 2001
  • Yaa Asantewaa: Warrior Queen 2001
    Nana Yaa Asantewaa was a woman of exceptional bravery who, in March 1900, raised and led an army of thousands against the British...
  • Amazing Birthday, The 2001
    In Birthday Land, Jack's birthday 'Six' is very excited and can't wait for his special day - but things start to go wrong. Slowly, his...
  • Caribbean Abroad, A 2002
    A Caribbean Abroad explores the experiences of the Caribbean diaspora.
  • Catwalk 2002
    Make no mistake, a catwalk is a slippery slope to hell, says this play about black people who work in the fashion business. But why is...
  • Front Room, The 2002
    Mother and daughter, Ina and Alecia are women in waiting...Waiting for the prodigal son to return, the good china is laid out and the...
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider 2002
    Itsy Bitsy Spider follows the story of Anansi, the trickster spider on his journey to confront the mighty wind who has taken one of...
  • Key Game, The 2002
    Care in the community is an issue that will always cause controversy. The Key Game, produced by Talawa, may be set in a psychiatric...
  • Long Time No See 2002
    Long Time No See is the story of a white working class woman named Freda who marries Billy, a hopeful young Jamaican whom she meets in...
  • OK Systems 2002
  • Sammy 2002
    The production uses Sammy Davis Jr's history to tackle relevant contemporary issues - racism and the lack of personal, economic, and...
  • Shoot 2 Win 2002
    With more mouth than muscle, the ladies of the VIP Crew aren't going to let anyone get in their way, not even each other. In the locker...
  • Storm 2002
  • Take Away 2002
    Takeaway tells the story of a city taken over by onions, everyone wants them, everyone is getting hooked, and only Darcus, a travelling...
  • You Don't Kiss 2002
    Justin moves to London because he is tired of being surrounded by deadbeats and no hopers - he is a winner. So how come his deadbeat,...
  • B is for Black 2003
    B IS FOR BLACK follows the rise, then fall from grace of Ben Nelson. A Black man who attended Oxford, Ben eagerly begins his first day at...
  • born bad 2003
    A blood-related black family. A Dad, a Mum, a Daughter, two Sisters, a Brother. A family argument. reveals the skeleton in the closet,...
  • Brethren 2003
  • Bro 9 2003
    Agent Scally is CIA special ops, Moss Side & Hulme. One night, in his tower block, Scally has a close encounter with 10-foot tall Black...
  • dirty butterfly 2003
    Flatmates Amelia and Jason are drawn into the dark and compelling world of their mutual neighbour Jo who is the victim of nightly...
  • Early Morning 2003
    The play is set early one morning in the City of London. In a team of office cleaners, dissent in the ranks reaches fever pitch. Ojo,...
  • Elmina's Kitchen 2003
    You can't just walk into dis bad man t'ing, you gotta learn the whole science of it. You step into that arena and you better be able to...
  • Fallout 2003
    A boy is found dead. DC Joe Stephens must return to his old neighbourhood to investigate. Shance is avoiding his questions about her...
  • Good Iago 2003
  • King Baabu 2003
  • Off Camera 2003
  • Two Tracks and Text Me 2003
    A stray text message links Friday- night revellers with the fate of a young girl desperate for help.
  • Abena's Stupidest Mistake 2004
    Abena is an average 8 year old child. Mischief and mayhem are her hobbies, and she can't help poking her nose into people's business. On...
  • Basil and Beattie 2004
    Basil and Beattie are finding the golden years of their lives somewhat tarnished, locked together with only physical infirmity and mental...
  • Bear Hug 2004
    Two middle-class parents try to raise their child Michael, who has turned into a bear. A startling absurdist parable about modern...
  • Blest Be The Tie 2004
    Florence can't complain - her children are grown up, she's got best friend Eunice to look after her and is happy to call London her home....
  • Dark, The 2004
  • Fix Up 2004
    It’s Black History month but you wouldn’t know it in Tottenham where Revive PLC plan to turn Kwesi’s All Black African Party hotbed into...
  • Oddest Couple, The 2004
    The oddest couple tells the tale of Thelma and Iggy Norant, a suburban couple in a stale marriage. Thelma seeks life, love and laughter,...
  • Oga's Ark 2004
    After their bus crashes, the survivors of an African theatre troupe rehearse a new version of their play The Animals are Taking Over, but...
  • Rihla 2004
    THE RIHLA includes eyewitness portraits of the people of Baghdad shortly before the bombs fell.
  • Slamdunk 2004
    Basketball is the most popular game on the planet. Streetball is its rougher, tougher, younger brother. You've got to be strong; you've...
  • Something Dark 2004
    Something Dark tells the true story of Lemn Sissay who as a baby was given up by his Ethiopian mother in the 1960s. He was renamed Norman...
  • Sons of Charlie Paora, The 2004
    Charlie Paora is dead and buried. One night in a garage in Mangere, South Auckland, a group of young men gather to acknowledge the...
  • trade 2004
    Set on a Caribbean island the play examines the live of three women: a hip young thing from London, an older tourist and a resident...
  • Two Step 2004
    Lenny is a success. He has kicked the booze, gone to college and is a budding writer. He also has a trophy wife, young and white, and a...
  • Ayo and Ade's Big London Safari 2005
    Ade takes Ayo on the London Eye one of the safest rides in Blankland. It becomes apparent that Ade is corrupt and his cruel view of life...
  • Bashment 2005
    Bashment explores the controversy around dancehall music and the consequences of homophobic lyrics.
  • Beach, The 2005
    Performed at the tricycle theatre as a one day scratch performance.
  • Daydreams Of Hailey 2005
    Performed at the Royal Court Theatre as a rehearsed reading.
  • Effie May 2005
    Set in a claustrophobic and class ridden village in Grenada, this engaging play is inspired by the spirit world stories of La Diablesse ...
  • High Heel Parrotfish 2005
    It's drag night at Mrs Miller's Bar in Trinidad. As Carnival fever raises temperatures outside, six beautiful 'ladies' prepare backstage,...
  • Little Sweet Thing 2005
    Kev, Jamal and Ryan used to run together in the winning school relay team. Now they are running just to stand still on the huge housing...
  • One Under 2005
    When tube train driver Cyrus experiences his first 'one under' it sets in motion a life-altering chain of events. In his search to...
  • Pinocchio 2005
  • Resistance 2005
    Resistance explores the evolution of Jacques Lusseyran as the blind teenage hero of the French Resistance. Resistance uses physical...
  • stoning mary 2005
    A husband and wife row about a prescription. A mother and father row about their son, who has become a child soldier. Two sisters row...
  • Sweet Yam Kisses 2005
    Sweet Yam Kisses follows three couples as their relationships evolve from getting together to staying together. Woven into the script are...
  • True Stories 2005
    Harold Finley plays six characters, British and American, male and female, in this darkly funny and provocative piece based on real...
  • Venus and the Killer Bees 2009
    Sex, romance and kickboxers! A war of the sexes fought to the bass pumpin sounds of bashment reggae.
  • What's In The Cat 2005
    Set in Manchester’s Moss Side, What’s in The Cat tells the story of a family Christmas in 1974. Lauren's come back for Christmas dinner,...
  • 93.2 FM 2006
    Coach and Bossman are a dynamic duo tearing up the airwaves at Borough FM. Together they have become radio heroes, but someone's getting...
  • Babel Junctions 2006
    A play that explores how culture, religion and faith shape our 21st century perceptions and experience. When Hackney district nurse...
  • Bilad al-Sudan 2006
    Bilad al-Sudan focuses on two refugees from two differing clans now living in a government refugee camp in Darfur, with two very...
  • Booitjie and the Oubaas 2006
    Gerhardus Strydom is a farmer who suffers a stroke and Booitjie Barends is employed to look after him. The ailing man, struggling to re...
  • Booty Call 2006
    Fantasy blurs with reality, Jason and Claire are catapulted into a weird and destructive game. Who will win? Who will lose? Only one way...
  • Charlie 2006
    Short site specific play performed at The Gardener Arts Centre, Brighton.
  • Distant Violence 2006
    Part of a series of short plays which sheds light on the plight in Darfur.
  • Estate, The 2006
    Set in contemporary Lagos, Nigeria, The Estate tells the story of the family chief Adeyemi, a wealthy businessman with an extended family...
  • God is a DJ 2006
    Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, R and B, Country, Punky, Funky, Folk, Soul not forgetting Rock and Roll. Nothing touches us like music,...
  • IDP 2006
    A mother refuses to acknowledge a daughter who has been brutalised while gathering firewood outside a camp.
  • IVAN 2006
    Ivan is based on the experiences of Jonzi D and his partner Jane surviving Hurricane Ivan.
  • Master Juba 2006
    Based on a true story, William Henry Lane is an African-American discovered hoofing in a bar in the New York in the mid 19th Century....
  • Moj of the Antarctic 2006
    Moj of the Antarctic is inspired by the wonderful true life story of Ellen Craft, a 19th century African-American slave woman who escaped...
  • My Life 2006
  • Question Of Courage, A 2006
    In 2004 Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, asked if the countryside is guilty of a "passive apartheid"....
  • Rhymes Reasons and Bomb Ass Beatz 2006
    This darkly comic play covers three years in the interconnected lives of 10 Britons and Americans, from drag queens to rappers, drug...
  • Rocket Man 2006
    A man tries to chat up a girl but finds his British reserve gets in the way.
  • Slow Time 2005
  • Three Sisters 2006
    Three Sisters live a priveliged life in Port of Spain with their unworldy brother and his domineering wife, occupying their lives with...
  • 35 cents 2007
    It is election time in Jamaica and the campaign has been completely overwhelmed by extreme apathy and disillusionment. Fatigued by the...
  • African Cargo, An 2007
    In 1781 the slave ship Zong, overlade with captured Africans, is heading to Jamaica but loses its way in the Caribbean Sea. With...
  • Anansi Trades Places 2007
    Talawa reawaken the much loved African and Caribbean character of Anansi for his latest adventure. Legendary spider Anansi takes an...
  • Black Crows 2007
    Linda Brogan's Black Crows creates a dark and vivid world of love, jealousy and hunger in 1970s Manchester.
  • Breakfast Hearts / Choirplay 2007
    Two short plays that explore with startling vibrancy and dark humour what it means to live and love in the modern world.
  • Catalysta 2007
    Hurricanes can rip through a city and destroy it within a matter of moments; throwing everything and everyone into turmoil. Families on...
  • Christ of Coldharbour Lane, The 2007
    A revolutionary preacher begs the crowds to 'abandon the wilful peace' that keeps them down. In a play crowded with a kaleidoscope of...
  • Cinderella 2007
    Will Cinderella go to the ball to meet her Prince Charming, despite the wicked efforts of her smelly, nasty step-sisters? Well she might,...
  • Days Of Significance 2007
    Written in response to Much Ado About Nothing, Days of Significance is set in market-town England and the deserts of Iraq. On the eve of...
  • Exits and Entrances 2007
    The play is based directly on Fugards own early formative experiences in South African theatre and the affect that the legendary...
  • Fit 2007
    FIT is a play about attempting to fit in and trying to stand out in a culture where everything from not liking sport to wearing the...
  • Gilbert is Dead 2007
    Lucius Trickett, owner of the most famous taxidermy museum in London, conspires with Queen Victoria and intrepid explorer Gilbert Shirley...
  • Gone Too Far 2007
    When two brothers from different continents go down the street to buy a pint of milk they lift the lid on a disunited nation where...
  • Icarus Girl, The 2007
    Jessamy Harrison is the precocious only child of a Nigerian mother and English father, who finds it impossible to make friends. Then she...
  • Joe Guy 2007
    Joe Boateng's days behind the counter of a cheap burger bar are far behind him, as is his childhood sweetheart Naomi and the kids who...
  • Liar 2007
    A compulsive liar has a spiritual awakening and becomes a successful tv evangelist. Can Wole use his new healing skills to bring harmony...
  • Pure Gold 2007
    Pure Gold focuses on black inner-city life as a father struggles to provide for his family.
  • Reap What You Sow 2007
    A 20 minute reading based on Yoruba myths and characters inspired by the play The Brothers Size by Tarrell Alvin McCraney.
  • Rough Crossings 2007
    As the American War of Independence reaches its climax, a plantation slave and a British naval officer embark on an epic journey in...
  • Safe 2007
    Remi should be taking his GCSEs. Instead he's taking care of little nephew Lennox. Big sis Dionne can't cope after boyfriend Delroy is...
  • TAG: Just Writing My Name 2007
    An original piece of Hip Hop theatre using break dance, body popping, rap-poetry, larger-than-life graffiti sculptures and video...
  • Torn 2007
  • Trickster 2007
  • Unplanned 2007
    Spells and stories, jelly babies and fishbowls combine in Malika Booker's one one-woman show about fertility and pregnancy.
  • Victory 2007
    Vicky was named to celebrate Nelson Mandelas victorious walk to freedom at the dawn of a new South Africa. Her mother worked happily as...
  • Wedding Dance, The 2007
    West Side Story meets Dangerous Liaisons with a dash of Tarantino in this passionate love story - a dance musical where the movement and...
  • Angel House 2008
    Angel House focuses on the lives of two brothers, Franklin and Stephen, and the community of Angel House, a housing estate in west London.
  • At The Gates of Gaza 2008
    Stranded in the battlefields of the Holy Land during the Great War, a battalion of West Indian volunteers fight for the Empire, the King...
  • Baba and the Tree of Life 2008
    The Life and Times of the African drummer/musician/teacher Babatunde Olatunji, who introduced the concept of polyrhythms to American...
  • Baby Girl 2008
    Kelle is 13 and still a virgin. And if her best friend Danielle knows, then the whole school knows. But will sleeping with the wide-boy...
  • Dear Heart 2008
    In 1988 Jenny Davis stumbled upon dozens of letters her aunt, Wynne, had written to her young soldier husband Mickey during World War II....
  • Exit Sign 2008
  • Familyman 2008
    Caesar Ramsay works hard for his family. But the news his son Nelson reveals, sends Caesar's seemingly ordinary life rapidly spinning out...
  • Floor 44 2008
  • For One Night Only 2008
    Bode and Eddie arrive at Heathrow via the same dodgy passport service. Finding they share more than just the same new identity, they hook...
  • Good Neighbours 2008
    Good Neighbours centres on the story of two neighbours at war with each other after a dispute.
  • Harm's Way 2008
  • House Of Agnes 2008
    After 40 years of building a home in London, Agnes is retiring and moving back to Ghana. Her final wish is for her sons to live together...
  • In Time 2008
    Two young lovers are forcibly separated. Years later their children from subsequent marriages meet and fall in love. Will pain and hatred...
  • Legend of Moremi 2008
    A five minute monologue written for Cathy Tyson about the legend of the Yoruba heroine Moremi Ajasoro.
  • Let There Be Love 2008
    When West Indian pensioner Alfred Morris is kicked out of his daughter’s Croydon house he returns to his Willesden home to find he’s been...
  • Muhammad Ali & Me 2008
    Muhammad Ali and Me is a lyrical coming of age story, following the parallel struggles of a gay child growing up in foster care and the...
  • Oxford Street 2008
    At Total Sports, security guard Kofi and his workmates are making sure everything runs smoothly, easing the daily grind with plenty of...
  • Pandora's Box 2008
    A British-born Nigerian mother accompanies her streetwise son on his first trip to her homeland, but then wrestles with whether to leave...
  • random 2008
    An ordinary family starts an ordinary day, until their young son is killed in a random shooting outside his school.
  • Spiral, The 2008
    The Spiral is based on a series of interviews with a group of British muslims.
  • Wish Collector, The 2008
    A magical epic whirling from a playground in Britain to a village in Sierra Leone.
  • 14th Tale, The 2009
    The 14th Tale is a free-flowing narrative that tells the hilarious exploits of a natural born mischief growing from the clay streets of...
  • Anansi and the Magic Mirror 2009
    When Anansi enters the world of Nana Sus's magic shop and steals the magic mirror from under the nose of the young gril Adojah, he...
  • Baby Girl 2009
  • Bread 2009
  • Category B 2009
  • Clubland 2009
  • Coming Home 2009
    Years ago, Veronica Jonkers departed for the big city in the brave New South Africa, set on making her dreams of fame and fortune come...
  • Detaining Justice 2009
    Justice is locked in a cold dark cell, his asylum application pending. His sister Grace would like to help, but has been told to leave it...
  • Devil has Quentin's Heart, The 2009
    Welcome to the turbulent world of Quentin Forrest and his quest for salvation. Quentin had it all, riding high as a trader on Wall Street...
  • Egusi Soup 2009
    As a British-Nigerian family pack their suitcases and prepare to head home for a funeral, they realise they will need to get rid of some...
  • Fallout 2009
  • Fixer 2009
    Set in Northern Nigeria against a backdrop of global turmoil and corruption. An oil pipeline, a group of rebels, a multinational, two...
  • Foreplay 2009
  • Gift, The 2009
  • Golden Hour, The 2009
    When a British triage nurse of Zimbabwean descent encounters an African baby that he suspects has been illegally brought into the country...
  • Have You Seen Us 2009
    Henry Parsons, a professor and South African comes in for his usual - a turkey sandwich and insulting banter with Adela, the Mexican...
  • High Life 2009
    A mother's loss turns into obesession after the unexplained suicide of her popular teenage daughter. When two Igbo families come together...
  • Hounding of David Oluwale, The 2009
    Based on Kester Aspden's award-winning book that charts the life of a man hounded to death by racist police, Oladipo Agboluaje's play...
  • Identity 2009
  • Iya-ile (The First Wife) 2009
    It's 1989 in Lagos. Political hysteria and social change are sweeping Nigeria. Chief Adeyemi's wife Toyin is turning forty and, behind...
  • Lift Off 2009
  • Local Boy 2009
  • Markus the Sadist 2009
    The tale of a talented young emcee’s meteoric rise from local battle champion to rap superstardom. Lured by the promise of money and fame...
  • Masada 2009
  • Maw Broon Monologues, The 2009
    Maw Broon goes in search of herself with her sidekick doppelganger Psyche.
  • Secret Army, The 2009
    When incriminating documents linking their son to a Nigerian terrorist cell are found in his Oxford University dorm, a high-flying...
  • Set Piece 2009
  • Somebody's Son 2009
    A story about slavery, dignity, and survival.
  • Starstruck 2009
  • Three-way 2009
    Manchester-based Spoken Word artist Yusra Warsama, Birmingham Grime boy RT and London's storyteller Malika Booker. Three Way engages the...
  • Why I don't Hate White People 2009
    Lemn Sissay's play is a brief journey around racism, guilt, denial, political correctness and the meaning of colour.
  • Wuthering Heights 2009
    Musical adaptation of Emily Bronte's timeless tale of passion, jealousy and revenge. Shakuntala is the fiery and headstrong daughter of...
  • 2009 2010
  • Big Nose 2010
  • Booty Call 2010
  • Bro 9 2010
  • Defined By Design 2010
    An exploration of the theme of unrequited love. A play for four voices, we are taken on a journey through the eyes of the lover unloved,...
  • Desert Boy 2010
    Desert Boy, a time-travelling a capella musical, offers a sharp twist on the subject of knife crime, black youth and absent fathers.
  • El Dorado 2010
  • Estate walls 2010
    The play follows the story of Obi, a young writer who dreams of leaving the estate in which he lives. The story focuses on the young...
  • Exit Sign 2010
  • Fix Up 2010
  • Hungover 2010
    Play written in response to the 2010 General Election - part of Theatre Royal's Rough Cuts Season
  • Joe Guy 2009
  • Laws of War 2010
    A civil war is raging in modern England threatening to turn the land of cricket, and warm beer into a hell of displaced people, rape,...
  • Lion, The 2010
  • Mules 2010
  • My Territory 2010
    A play about borders, space and territory.
  • Next Door 2010
  • O Babylon! 2010
  • Off the Endz 2010
    David, Kojo and Sharon grew up on a North London estate. Now in their mid 20s, they are eyeing another kind of life. David, an anansi...
  • One Under 2010
  • Palm Wine and Stout 2010
    A wickedly funny portrayal of the writer’s trip back to his father’s homeland. Son of an English mother and a Nigerian father, Taiye is...
  • Pantomime 2010
  • Playing The Game 2010
    The Students' Association needs a new president and Akousa's achingly cool flatmates are certain she is perfect for the position. How can...
  • Pure Gold 2010
  • Safe 2010
  • Samba 2010
  • Sin Dykes 2010
  • Slaves 2010
  • Storm 2010
  • Sucker Punch 2010
    In the red corner: Leon Davidson – Black British champ or Uncle Tom? In the blue corner: Troy Augustus – American powerhouse or naïve...
  • Taken 2010
    A mother is confronted by the child she had to give up.
  • Train Driver, The 2010
    An emotionally disturbed train driver wanders into the graveyard of a desolate squatter camp on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth. There he...
  • Untitled 2010
    Untitled is a magical realist story set in Nigeria and England, of identical twin boys separated at infancy. In the quarrel after the...
  • Havoc in the Garden 2011
    Havoc in the Garden unfolds in a small neighbourhood of five houses on an Auckland hillside where an act of violence and rage is about to...
  • Little Baby Jesus 2011
    Little Baby Jesus is a lyrical triptych of monologues revealing the inter-connected lives of three inner-city teenagers, capturing the...
  • Mad About the Boy 2011
    Boy. Dad. Man. A lyrical tussle of will and minds. Boy wants to be bad like the rest. Dad wants the best for the boy. Man wants the boy...
  • Speechless 2010
    The story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons. Refusing to speak to adults, the twins communicate in their own private language,...
  • Suffocation 2011
    Peer pressure leads to a dangerous (suffocation) game, when the game goes wrong, the group have to deal with the consequences.Obi, Cain...
  • The Westbridge 2011
    The accusation of a black teenager sparks disturbance on the South London Streets. While tensions rise, a couple from very different...
  • Belong 2012
  • Blackta 2012
    Welcome to the neverending talent contest. Behind the scenes, competitors put on their own show, parading their hopes and fears in front...
  • Honey Man, The 2012
    The Honey Man tells the absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops one summer between Misty, a 15 year-old girl, and The...
  • Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The 2012
    A gritty adaptation of Alan Sillitoe's classic text, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is set in Britain's Olympic year 2012. ...
  • Mwana 2012
    Mwana is a salad boy - neither Western or African he is a young Zimbabwean educated in Glasgow, conflicted between his love for the West...
  • Silver Shores 2012
    Set onboard a 19th century slave ship,four men in capacity find themselves in a desperate struggle for freedom of the mind. Before the...
  • Three Birds 2012
    Siblings Tiana, Tionne and Tanika have found themselves home alone. Tiana's keeping it all together by taking charge of housework and...
  • A Season in the Congo 2013
    A Season in the Congo charts the rise and fall of the Congolese political leader Patrice Lumumba during the transformation of the...
  • Advice for the Young at Heart 2013
    It's 2011 and 1958: London is rioting. Candice is ordred by her gang-leading boyfriend to lure Clint into a honeytrap. Haunted by her...
  • Feast 2013
  • God's Property 2013
    It's 1982. London is restless, gripped by spiralling unemployment and innercity riots. Ska beats dominate the airwaves and in a flat in...
  • Gutted 2013
  • Josephine and I 2013
    From the ragtime rythms of St Louis and the intoxicating sounds of 1920s Paris, to present day London, Josephine and I intertwines the...
  • nut 2013
  • Red Helicopter, The 2013
    It is 2072, the UK is in turmoil after an apocalyptic event and a group of young people are camped out on the thrid floor of an office...
  • Refugee Boy 2013
    Alem and his father are in a B&B in Datchet. Alem has lived in Ethiopia and Eritrea but this is his best holiday ever. But in the morning...
  • Routes 2013
  • Take a Deep Breath and Breathe 2013
    Inspired by the Greek mythology Lysistrata, Take a Deep Breath and Breathe explores the power struggles, choices and determinations of...
  • The Epic Adventure of Nhamo the Manyika Warrior and his Sexy Wife Chipo 2013
    With just 24 hours to create the ultimate African fable, the superstar cast is missing a hero. Suddenly a dashing goatherd appears on the...
  • Venus / Mars 2013
    Daniel and Michelle first cross paths on the dance floor and gradually become an item. But they soon realise that relationships don't...
  • Antigone 2014
    A woman defies her uncle, the King, to bury her dead brother.
  • Circles 2014
    Circling the outskirts of Birmingham on the Number 11 bus, two teenagers develop an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile a mother observes her...
  • Fast Cuts and Snap Shots 2015
    A group of black men from different countries - Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria, Zimbabwe - meet and discuss a range of topics from history to...
  • How Nigeria Became: A Story, and a Spear that Didn't Work 2014
    A troupe of actors prepare to stage the story of the Spear of Shango for the British Governor and his wife
  • Nine Lives 2014
    A monolgoue about the experiences of a Zimbabwean refugee living in Leeds after fleeing his homeland to escape persecution for being gay.
  • Wildefire 2014
    Focusing on the demise of a policewoman's career, the play explores the struggles and pressures faced by the police force.
  • Antigone 2015
    Sophocles's tragedy transposed to an urban gangland setting
  • Bread on the Table 2015
    Explores issues related to wheat trading
  • Changing State 2015
    A darkly comic coming-of-age story set in inner city London. Three of the characters cling to the hope that the uncertainty and...
  • Chocolate 2015
    Explores sugar addiction and the cocoa trade through a relationship between a girl and her boyfriend
  • Dark and Lovely 2015
    Solo show exploring back identity through hair
  • Eclipsed 2015
    Story of four women's lives during civil war
  • hang 2015
    Explores themes of criminal justice, capital punishment and revenge
  • I See You 2015
    A couple meetin in a nightclub on a Friday night and end up in a police station. The play explores old and new identities in post...
  • Liberian Girl 2015
    Set against the Liberian civil war, a young girl flees her village by dressing as a boy which leads to her having to join a band of child...
  • Muscovado 2015
    About slavery and the sugar trade
  • Re: Exhibit 2015
    About an actor auditoning for a role in Brett Bailey's "Exhibit B" which was cancelled following accusations of racism
  • The Spalding Suite 2015
    About the lives of a basketball team
  • Turned 2015
    Young British man returns to war-torn Nigeria in search of his friend
  • Upper Cut 2015
    Explores ethnic diversity in the British Labour Party
  • After Independence 2016
    Guy and Kathleen grow their crops, raise their daughter, and pay their taxes. But Africa is changing, country by country. White farmers...
  • Amongst the Reeds 2016
    Two friends scratch out a living on the margins of society. Oni and Gillian have made their home in a disused office block, finding ever...
  • Bitches 2016
    This drama follows two young female vloggers talking racial politics and popular culture in an unforgiving online world. Exploring...
  • Calculating Kindness 2016
    Explores the extraordinary life of American scientist George Price (1922-75). Price formulated an equation widely acknowledged as the...
  • Cuttin' It 2016
    About female genital mutilation as seen throught he experiences of two teenage girls
  • Girls 2016
    Three everyday girls, three best friends forever and three big issues: love, sex, religion. But when they’re kidnapped from home, their...
  • House 2016
    When Pat returns to her childhood home after a five-year absence, she's ready to forgive her mother for the neglect she suffered at her...
  • Nina: A Story About Me and Nina Simone 2016
    Draws connections between Bushell-Mingo's life growing up in the UK and Nina Simone's in the US exploring themes of racism and oppression
  • Now We Are Here 2016
    Workshopped piece with refugee writers in collaboration with Deanna Rodger, Ian Rickson and Imogen Brodieby. Explores writers' life...
  • Soul 2016
    On April Fool's day 1984 Marvin Gaye was shot dead. In charting the untold truths about what happened during Marvin Gaye's haunting...
  • The Hotel Cerise 2016
    An upper-class black owned hotel on the eve of the presidential election.
  • Torn 2016
    Generations of secrets have broken the Brook family. Siblings split-up, traded-off, treated differently. Angel, the youngest, has called...
  • Barber Shop Chronicles 2017
    Explores themes of black masculinity
  • Custody 2017
    When a young black man, Brian, dies in police custody, it sends shock waves across the community. Reeling from his death, Brian’s family...
  • Good Dog 2017
    One person monologue. good dog chronicles growing up in a multicultural community and the everyday injustices that drive people to take...
  • Half Breed 2017
    This is a partly autobiographical dark comedy about finding your voice.Jazmin feels different. She doesn’t want to stay in the village....
  • Just an Ordinary Lawyer 2017
    In 1945 Nigerian Tunji Sowande arrived in the UK. He came here after the war, fuelled by his passions for classical music and for...
  • New Nigerians 2017
    Nigeria: ‘The Giant of Africa’. Conservatives rule over the biggest economy on the continent, and one of the largest and youngest...
  • Ode to Leeds 2017
    Five Leeds spoken word poets compete in an international poetry slam in New York City.
  • Summer in London 2017
    A cutting-edge romantic comedy about homeless, pansexual, multiracial trans youth and elders, all searching for love and for somwhere to...
  • The Convert 2017
    It’s 1896 in what is modern day Zimbabwe and Jekesai, a young woman fleeing forced marriage finds herself working for a devout Catholic...
  • The Firm 2017
    A reunion of former youth gang members
  • White 2017
    WHITE carefully considers the concept of mixed-race privilege, tries to connect clashing cultures and explores what it means to grow up...
  • Aisha 2018
    UK-born 17-year-old Aisha is secretly sold into marriage in Nigeria. She is purchased from her parents by a 51-year-old man who keeps her...
  • Black Men Walking 2018
    A group of black men go on their monthly hike together.
  • Grey 2018
    She is a strong, independent, black woman. She has a roof over her head. She has food in her fridge. She lives a good life. She’s also a...
  • Misty 2018
    About a fight on the night bus.
  • Nine Night 2018
    Gloria is gravely sick. When her time comes, the celebration begins; the traditional Jamaican Nine Night Wake. But for Gloria’s children...
  • Shebeen 2018
    Caribbean community living in Nottingham in 1958 just before the race riots.
  • SS Mendi, Dancing the Death Drill 2018
    Based on the true story of the SS Mendi which sunk in the English Channel on February 21, 1917. More than 600 of the ship's mainly black...
  • The Dark 2018
    Story about the migration of a 4-year-old boy and his mother from Uganda.
  • Elephant in the Room 2019
    Mixture of hip hop, dance, physical theatre and spoken word explores themes of mental health and toxic masculinity.
  • Funeral Flowers 2019
    Angelique, 17, dreams of being a florist but must face challenges of her mum being in prison, the care system and the local gang.
  • J'ouvert 2019
    Two best friends experience of Carnival and exploration of themes of sexual politics
  • Kunene and the King 2019
    Two men reflect on 25 years since the Apartheid regime ended.
  • My White Best Friend (And Other Letters Left Unsaid) 2019
    11 writers resond to the task of composing a letter to their white best friend.
  • Princess and the Hustler 2019
    A 10-year-old plans to win the Weston-Super-Mare Beauty Contest.
  • Race Today 2019
  • Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner 2019
    In this innovative play blending real life and online culture, a young Black woman takes to Twitter to voice her frustration with white...
  • Shine 2019
    A 3-year old boy moves with his family from Zambia to Newcastle.
  • Small Island 2019
    Small Island embarks on a journey from Jamaica to Britain, through the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked...
  • Sparkplug 2019
    A white man becomes the adoptive father of a mixed-race child. Inspired by autobiographical events
  • Stop and Search 2019
    Three stories intersect around themes of suspicion, surveillance and antagonism.
  • Superhoe 2019
    Sasha Clayton is a 24-year-old aspiring singer/rapper who becomes a sex worker.
  • Tha Half God of Rainfall 2019
    A contemporary epic mixing storytelling and poetry about a Nigerian demi-god basketball hero.
  • This is Black: Pyneapple 2019
    Young black women grapple with stereotypes in the London-based hair salon, Crowns. Following these women’s lives, we learn the beauty...
  • This is Black: Teleportation 2019
    Teleportation centres around the relationship of a disabled white man and his black female carer in a Western society where black...
  • Tree 2019
    Tree follows one man’s journey into the heart and soul of contemporary South Africa – with the audience at the centre of the action. It...