• Waiting For Hannibal
    Waiting for Hannibal is a drama of love, war, power and politics, played out in Africa in 204BC. The play charts and explores the...
  • Wedding Dance, The
    West Side Story meets Dangerous Liaisons with a dash of Tarantino in this passionate love story - a dance musical where the movement and...
  • Welcome Home Jacko
    Welcome Home Jacko was inspired by a visit Matura made to a youth club in Sheffield in the 1970s. The play examines the lives of four...
  • What's In The Cat
    Set in Manchester's Moss Side, What's in The Cat tells the story of a family Christmas in 1974. Lauren's come back for Christmas dinner,...
  • Where There Is Darkness
    Where There is Darkness examines the plight of a West Indian Man on the eve of his return to the Caribbean after an absence of 25 ,...
  • Why I don't Hate White People
    Lemn Sissay's play is a brief journey around racism, guilt, denial, political correctness and the meaning of colour.
  • Wildefire
    Focusing on the demise of a policewoman's career, the play explores the struggles and pressures faced by the police force.
  • Wish Collector, The
    A magical epic whirling from a playground in Britain to a village in Sierra Leone.
  • Women Of Troy 2099
    Women of Troy 2009 projects Euripides' classic The Trojan Women one hundred years into the future, where global war rages.
  • Wuthering Heights
    Musical adaptation of Emily Bronte's timeless tale of passion, jealousy and revenge. Shakuntala is the fiery and headstrong daughter of...