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Under Their Influence

By Wayne Buchanan

Year staged: 2000

Opening night: 03/05/2000

Theatre Company: Kushite Theatre Company

Staged in: Oval House Theatre

Cast Size: 13


Under Their Influence is set in contemporary London. The action takes place in a mental institution where the patient is having what he hopes is his final assessment. Randoulf takes his psychiatrist on a journey she does not anticipate, hoping that she will see him as an individual rather than a bunch of clinical symptoms to be controlled. As Doctor Kumar is taken on this trip, we see and feel the internal workings of Randoulf, his political views, his passions, his weaknesses, his pain and vulnerability. We meet some of his friends, lovers and most important of all, his alter ego.

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Under Their Influence

Publisher: Aurora Metro Press

Year published: 2000

Original Cast

Delon Watson


Jasper Hone


John Murphy

Guard 1

Wayne Buchanan


Marcia Hewitt

Randoulf 2

Deni Francis

Dr Rani Kumar

Kate Hart


Ian Harry


Sharon D Clarke

Randoulf's mother

Chris Parham

Guard 2

Zuri Janett

Randoulf as a boy

Kelly Haplin

Police Officer 1

Daniel Copelette

Police Officer 2

Production Team

Karena Johnson


Tom Cotterill


Ian Bald


Alexandra Kyamanywa


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