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Trials of Brother Jero, The

By Wole Soyinka

Year staged: 1966

Theatre Company: Hampstead Theatre

Staged in: Hampstead Theatre

Cast Size: Unknown


Self-styled prophet and con artist Brother Jero preaches to a diminishing congregation (styled as “customers”). He pretends to live as a prophet on the beach. His trials take place over a single day as he tries to convert a Member of Parliament to his teachings and his old mentor berates him. Jero also rails against trouble caused by women, called ‘daughters of despair’. These troubles include; the young girl who walks by each morning to Jero’s repeated temptation and a creditor pursuing him for money who turns out to be the wife of his protégé. This leads to Jero’s unmasking – another crisis needing his quick wits to sidestep.

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Trials of Brother Jero, The

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year published: 1964

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