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Three Sisters

By Inua Ellams

Year staged: 2019

Opening night: 03/12/2019

Theatre Company: National Theatre; 1963-

Staged in: Lyttelton Theatre, National Theatre

Cast Size: 20


Love and longing in 1960s Nigeria.

Owerri, 1967, on the brink of the Biafran Civil War. Lolo, Nne Chukwu and Udo are grieving the loss of their father. Months before, two ruthless military coups plunged the country into chaos. Fuelled by foreign intervention, the conflict encroaches on their provincial village, and the sisters long to return to their former home in Lagos.


This play is suitable for key stages four and five. Access the Three Sisters Resource Pack.


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Three Sisters

Publisher: Oberon Modern Plays

Year published: 2019

Original Cast

Johnathan Ajayi


Jude Akuwudike


Ronke Adekoluejo


Natalie Simpson

Nne Chukwu

Tobi Bamtefa


Sarah Niles


Peter Bankole

Nmeri Ora

Anni Domingo


Ken Nwosu


Sule Rimi


Rachael Ofori


Joseph Ogeleka

Ensemble / Understudy: Igwe / Understudy Dimgba

Jerome Ngonadi

Ensemble / Understudy: Nmeri Ora / Understudy: Ikemba

Adedeji Adetayo

Chidi (Guitarist)

Amarachi Attamah

Oka Mbem (The Chant Poet)

Diana Yekinni


Lola May

Ensemble / Understudy: Abosede / Understudy: Nne Chukwu

Offue Okegbe

Ensemble / Understudy: Eze / Understudy: Onyiinyechukwu / Understudy: Chidi (Guitarist)

Chloe Okora

Ensemble / Understudy: Nma / Understudy: Lolo

Nasa Ohalete

Ensemble / Understudy: Udo / Understudy: Oyiridiya

Production Team

Inua Ellams

Playwright (adaptor)

Anton Chekov


Peter Mumford

Lighting Designer

Nadia Fall


Jack Murphy

Movement Director

Ruth Cooper-Brown

Fight Director

Laurie Clayton

Lighting Supervisor

Richard Eustace

Production Manager

Daniel Radley-Bennet

Digital Art

Dave Cotton

Construction Supervisor

Richard Booth

Automation Programmer

Lindsay Tuffnell

Scenic Art Supervisor

Rebecca Johnston

Prop Buyer

Jeanette Nelson

Company Voice Work

Ken Pederson

Stage Supervisor

Richard Davenport

Production Photographer

Riche Tarr

Rigging Supervisor

Kim Kasim

Wigs, Hair and Make-up Supervisor

Natalie McCormack

Project Draughting

Karen Large

Costume Supervisor

Ian Farmery

Stage Manager

Surnee Cham Somchit

Assistant Stage Manager

Kate McGrath

Producer (Fuel)

Sarah Holmes

Assistant Costume Supervisor

Michelle McLucas

Prop Making Coordinator

Michael Henry

Music Director

Isabella Odoffin


Tom Cassidy

Sound Operator

Rachel Brown-Williams

Fight Director

Michael Ager

Deputy Production Manager

Katrina Lindsay

Set and Costume Designer

Victoria Woodward

Company Voice Work

Miguel Figueiredo

Lighting Programmer

Jamie McIntyre

Production Sound Engineer

Emily Funnell

Deputy Stage Manager

Moji Elufowoju

Staff Director

Vicky Hawkins

Producer (NT)

Amarachi Attamah

Igbo Lyrics

Ngozi Nwaneri

Igbo Language and Culture Consultant

Shaneice Brown

Placement Assistant Stage Manager

Femi Temowo


Donato Wharton

Sound Designer

Lauren Burns

Assistant stage Manager (for NT)

Francesca Amewudah-Rivers

Music Intern

Peter Mumford

Lighting Designer

Anna Hill

Deputy Stage Manager

Additional Materials

Link to Rehearsal Photographs

Rehearsal Photographs

Ref: RNT/PP/5/605

National Theatre

Link to Costume Designs and Reference

Costume Designs and Reference

Ref: RNT/CO/6/30

National Theatre

Link to Production Photographs

Production Photographs

Ref: RNT/PR/3/1036

National Theatre

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Ref: RNT/PP/2/2/408

National Theatre

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Ref: RNT/PP/2/2/409

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National Theatre

Link to Synopsis


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National Theatre

Link to Press Reviews

Press Reviews

Ref: RNT/PR/4/1/1203

National Theatre

Link to Video Recording

Video Recording

Ref: RNT/AE/1/1/568

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Link to Press Releases

Press Releases

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Link to Set Photographs

Set Photographs

Ref: RNT/PO/5/330

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Link to Talk Recording

Talk Recording

Ref: RNT/E/6/3/101

National Theatre

Link to Publicity Material

Publicity Material

Ref: RNT/M/6/9

National Theatre

Link to Costume File

Costume File

Ref: RNT/CO/1/782

National Theatre

Link to Prompt Script

Prompt Script

Ref: RNT/SM/1/922

National Theatre

Link to Poster


Ref: RNT/PP/2/2/423

National Theatre

Link to Show Reports

Show Reports

Ref: RNT/SM/2/3/289

National Theatre

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