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Things Fall Apart

By Biyi Bandele

Year staged: 1997

Opening night: 12/06/1997

Theatre Company: National Theatre Studio

Staged in: Royal Court Theatre

Cast Size: 13


Things Fall Apart is a theatrical adaptation of the Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe’s 1958 novel. The play focuses on the story of Okonkwo and the destruction of his tribe, the Igbo.

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Things Fall Apart

Publisher: Heinemann

Year published: 1958

Original Cast

Marcia Hewitt

Ezinma / Priestess / Enoch

Janice Acquah

Unoka / Nwoye

Tristan Sharps

District Commissioner / Rev Brown

Chukwuma Okoye

Young Okonowo / Ezeugo

Antonia Coker

Evil Forest / Ekwefi / Nneka/ Ajofia

Jax Williams

Okoye / Ezeudu / Ojiugo

Andrew French


Yomi A Michaels

Okonowo / Ezeugo

Freddie Annobil-Dodoo

Odukwe / Ekwueme / Ikemefune

Stephen Blagrove


Clarion John Chukwurah

Ochendu / Nwakibi / Chinyere

Innocent Okorie

Chukwudi / Maduka / One Handed Spirit

Gogo Ombo Ombo

Uzowulu / Head Messenger / Mr Kiaga / Interpreter

Production Team

Chuck Mike


Additional Materials

Link to Playscript


Ref: MPS 7641

British Library


Ref: BBPA/4/49

National Theatre Archive

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