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The Legends of Them

By Sutara Gayle

Year staged: 2023

Theatre Company: Hackney Showroom and Brixton House

Staged in: Brixton House Theatre, formerly Ovalhouse Theatre

Cast Size: 1


Darkness descends at the Pink House in Tiruvannamalai, India. As the storm cracks through the windows, Lorna’s memories pierce their way through the silence. The legends of her life come to guide her – her mother Euphemia, her sister Cherry, her brother Mooji and her ancestor, Nanny of the Maroons. But will Lorna find the strength to face her demons? Come, let our observer take your hand, as she leads us on an epic voyage of discovery.

Original Cast

Sutara Gayle aka Lorna Gee


Production Team

Sutara Gayle aka Lorna Gee


Jo McInnes

Director / Co-Creator

Nina Lyndon


Sound Design

Tony Gayle

Projection Designer

Gino Ricardo Green

Joshie Harriette

Lighting Designer

Martina Laird

Associate Director

Christella Litras


Melissa Simon-Hartman

Costume Designer

Dawn Estefan

Production Therapist

Jules Reid

Company Stage Manager

Reuben Bojang

Technical Stage Manager

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