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Strong Breed, The

By Wole Soyinka

Year staged: 1968

Staged in: Mercury Theatre

Cast Size: Unknown


Eman, a teacher but village outsider ignores pleas to the leave on the eve of the New Year, the night when the village purification ceremony occurs. Tradition requires a person , ‘the carrier’, to be a ceremonial sacrifice to cleanse the village of ills for the coming year. His compassion compels Eman to substitute himself for the helpless idiot boy who has been selected. As Eman is hunted down by the village men, in flashback, he sees his father was also a ‘carrier’, that his own mother died in childbirth, and Eman’s wife, having waited 12 years for him to return from travels of self discovery and learning, also died in childbirth. Eman accepting his fate as one of the ‘strong breed’, is caught and killed.

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Strong Breed, The

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year published: 1964

Production Team

Lionel Ngakane


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