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Slow Time

By Roy Williams

Year staged: 2006

Opening night: 01/01/2005

Theatre Company: National Theatre; 1963-

Cast Size: Unknown


The minutes are ticking away…tensions are running high…there’s only one hour to go before the cells are opened…
Ashley, Nabs and Delroy are locked in. They can hear, but cannot see each other. It’s the end of Delroy’s long first night in the young offenders’ institution. Hard case, Nabs is counting down the minutes until he can beat up the new boy. And Ashley is teetering on the edge…

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Slow Time

Publisher: Methuen Drama

Year published: 2008

Production Team

Malcolm Ranson


Lisa Lillywhite


Matt Wilde


David Holmes


Laïla Diallo


Russell Bolam

Assistant Director

Carolyn Downing


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Press Releases

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Rehearsal Photographs

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Background Pack

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