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Sea at Dauphin

By Derek Walcott

Year staged: 1960

Theatre Company: New Way Theatre Company

Staged in: Royal Court Theatre

Cast Size: 3


St Lucia, 1950s.

Afa stands at the heart of a St. Lucian fishing village, a place where the sea is both a lifeline and a relentless foe. Every day, he braves the unpredictable waters, his existence tightly woven with the rhythm of the tides. The village, bound by poverty and tradition, looks to the sea for survival. Amidst this backdrop, Afa’s story unfolds, a poignant tale of resilience, hope, and the unyielding grip of the sea on the lives it governs.

The play explores the complex and often fraught relationship between humanity and nature, specifically the sea, which is both a life-giving and perilous force for the villagers.

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Sea at Dauphin

Publisher: Farrar Straus, New York

Year published: 1972

Original Cast

Leo Carrera


Lionel Ngakane


Dudley Hunte


Production Team

Lloyd Reckord


Colin Garland


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