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Say Hallelujah

By Jimi Rand

Year staged: 1977

Theatre Company: Keskidee Arts Centre; 1970

Staged in: Keskidee Arts Centre

Cast Size: 10


Say Hallelujah is a comedy set around the day to day exploits of a long suffering West Indian shopkeeper D’Coursey and his zany family. D’Coursey’s daughter aspires to be a famous actress, while his son plots a street revolution. His wife is forming a close bond with a clergyman, and her newfound religious duties involve moving her husband’s shop stock to the vestry. All the while their lodger, a lawyer in training, makes every family matter a great deal more complicated with their philosophies. One day, when a prayer meeting turned argument in the living room seemingly sends a pregnant customer into labour, decisions have to be made as to the family’s future.

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Say Hallelujah

Publisher: British Library (Archive)

Year published: 1988

Production Team

Malcolm Frederick


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