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Year staged: 1986

Opening night: 15/10/1986

Theatre Company: Umoja Theatre Company

Staged in: Battersea Arts Centre

Cast Size: 8


The Finance Minister has just been shot by his neighbour, a Comrade Leader, who claims it was an accident. With rising hysteria the Comrade Leader and his ministers plot a cover-up. The plan is solid. Use the ultimate hallucinogenic on Rasta, who they spring from jail where he languishes for a murder he didn’t commit, and so is readily available take the blame for another murder he didn’t commit. The drug might already have sent the Comrade Leader’s bodyguard mad, also by accident. But Marlene, the Finance Minister’s wife, saw the shooting. Given her affair with the Comrade Leader – might she now make her move on him and become his First Lady? And what of the recent bombs, hidden in the minister’s guava jelly and his toilet? Has the current revolutionary government now become bourgeois, making a new Revo necessary, and if so, who is sane and who is mad?

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Publisher: Tunapuna: Eastern Specialist Printers

Year published: 1984

Original Cast

Steve McFarlane

Abbey / Rebel

Morel Bernard

Marlene Brown

Sylvester Williams

Comrade Leader

Robert Phillips

Public Info Man

Anthony Wellington

Attorney General

Andrew Baguley


Lenny Algernon Edwards

Chief of Police / Soldier

Wilbert Jawhar Johnson

Rasta / Drum

Production Team

A.J Simon


Paul Mars


Marjoke Henrichs


Additional Materials

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Ref: MPS 3197

British Library

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