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By Una Marson

Year staged: 2023

Opening night: 31/01/2023

Theatre Company: Decolonising the Archive (2016-)

Staged in: Theatre Peckham

Cast Size: 10


Written in 1938 and staged originally at the Ward Theatre in Kingston, Jamaica, the play explores how Pocomania, a Jamaican cult religion derived principally from African sources, has affected a well-to-do middle-class family. The play first priemered in the UK in 2023 at Theatre Peckham (the cast and production teams are logged from this production).

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Publisher: Blouse and Skirt Books, National Library of Jamaica

Year published: 2016

Original Cast

Jahmila Heath

Stella Manners

Simone Frazier

Sister Mart

Simon Smith

Deacon Manners

Kaleb D'Aguilar

Broder Kendal

Connie Bell

Sister Kate

Esop Evard

Rev Peter Craig

Akem Bell

John (Child)

Kieran Smith

David Davies

Javone Kimel

Ensemble Man

Natalie Edwards

Ensemble Woman

Production Team

Ano Okera


Connie Bell

Producer (Decolonising the Archive)

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