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Four Hundred Pounds

By Alfred Fagon

Year staged: 1982

Theatre Company: Foco Novo

Staged in: Royal Court Theatre

Cast Size: 2


Refusal to pot the black in a snooker game on ideological grounds loses Teecee and his more pragmatic gambling partner, Bees, a sum of £400, which they argue about. A play in one act.

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Four Hundred Pounds

Publisher: Methuen Drama

Year published: 2022

Original Cast

Gordon Case


Stefan Kalipha


Production Team

Roland Rees


Ace McCarron


Heim Wallace


Additional Materials

Link to Casting notes

Casting notes

Ref: FN/1/10

University of Leeds

Link to Touring notes

Touring notes

Ref: FN/2/16

University of Leeds

Link to Typescripts with some manuscript notes

Typescripts with some manuscript notes

Ref: THM/89/1/6

V&A Theatre and Performance Archive

Link to Recording


Ref: CKEY2107291

British Library

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