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Family Tree

By Mojisola Adebayo

Year staged: 2023

Staged in: Brixton House, formerly Ovalhouse Theatre

Cast Size: 5


Henrietta Lacks is one of most remarkable people in medical history. Her cells form the basis of the most important medical research and breakthroughs happening today, from cancer to HIV to COVID. But Henrietta never knew any of this. Her cells were taken without her or her family’s knowledge or permission. Henrietta was a Black woman: she is not the only one whose body has been exploited by the medical establishment. Denied her place in history, now is the time for Henrietta’s incredible legacy to undergo a transformation … to blossom and grow into something new and wonderful.

Winner of the 2021 Alfred Fagon Award for ‘Best New Play’.

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Family Tree

Publisher: Methuen Drama

Year published: 2023

Original Cast

Aminita Francis

Henrietta Lacks

Mofetoluwa Akande

Ani / Anarcha / Oshun

Keziah Joseph

Bibi / Betsey

Aimée Powell

Lyn / Lucy

Alistair Hall

Smoking Man

Production Team

Matthew Xia


Amelia Thornber

Associate Director

Simon Kelly

Set and Costume Designer

Francesca Amewudah-Rivers

Composer and Sound Designer

Michelle Laye

Costume Supervisor

Wabriya King


Diane Alison-Mitchell

Movement and Choreography

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