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Chicken Burger N Chips

By Corey Bovell

Year staged: 2023

Opening night: 03/05/2022

Theatre Company: Corey Bovell

Staged in: Brixton House Theatre, formerly Ovalhouse Theatre

Cast Size: 1


It’s the summer holidays in South London and Corey dreams of nothing but hanging around with his friends while ordering as much Morley’s as possible. That is until Jodie comes along and makes him realise the changes which are happening within his beloved Lewisham Borough, making Corey, for the first time, question his friends and think about what path his future will take.

Original Cast

Gamba Cole


Production Team

Mateus Daniel

Movement Director

TD. Moyo


Alisha Artry

Assistant Producer

Neil Grutchfield


Allyson Julien

Set Designer

Frances Adewudah Rivers

Sound Consultant

Ben Garcia

Lighting Consultant

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