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All the Happy Things

By Naomi Denny

Year staged: 2022

Staged in: Theatre 503

Cast Size: 3


Sienna and Emily are sisters. Complete opposites in every way – hyper organised and super messy, determinedly ambitious and extremely laid back, alive and dead. Sienna is trying to deal with her grief by clinging on tightly to what she knows. In short, she is seeing her dead sister everywhere she goes. Not only seeing her, but having full on conversations with her. As the fallout from this becomes ever more overwhelming, seeping into her relationship with her boyfriend and straining her commitment to her ailing parents, the line between happiness and illusion becomes blurred. How do you truly let go of someone when you imagined they’d be there forever?

Original Cast

Madeline Charlemagne


Naomi Denny


Jules Chan


Production Team

Abi Turner


Melina Namdar


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