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Trix Worrell

1968-Present Day

Born: Saint Lucia, 1968


Writer, director and composer Trix Worrell was born in St. Lucia and came to England when he was five. He wrote and directed his first play, School’s Out, in 1980, which was staged at the Royal Court Theatre. He became a trainee on the Arts Council’s theatre director’s course at the Albany Theatre in South London, where he had also worked as a teenager. In 1984, Worrell won Channel 4’s ‘Debut New Writers’ competition with his play Mohicans, broadcast on the channel as Just Like Mohicans in 1985. In 1989 Worell wrote and produced Desmond’s (Channel 4, 1989-94), and in 1998, Worrell received a lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Television Society.


Mixed Company: Three Early Jamaican Plays, by Sylvia Wynter, Louis Marriott, Cecily Waite, ed. Yvonne Brewster

Year: 2012

Publisher: Oberon Books

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