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Lennox Brown

1934-Present Day

Born: Trinidad and Tobago, 1934


Born in Trinidad, Lennox Brown is a playwright, poet and journalist. After graduating with a BA in English from the University of Western Ontario and an MA from the University of Toronto, Brown worked as a journalist and as the editor-producer for National Network radio news in Canada. He has written over forty plays and his work focuses on the mythological consciousness of the Caribbean both at home and in the diaspora. His plays have been produced in Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, and the Caribbean.


Throne in an Autumn Room

Throne in an Autumn Room

Year: 1979

Staged in: Keskidee Arts Centre; 1970


The Twilight Dinner and Other Plays

The Twilight Dinner and Other Plays

Year: 1981

Publisher: Talon Books

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