Baja and Langbaja trade stories about life, sex, and god in a run-down shack. They say they are street-sweepers, but gradually they slither away from reality, swapping identities and repeating passages of dialogue until you have no idea who they are, what the truth is and whether they are alive or dead.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Leo Wringer Banza
Colin McFarlane Lagbaja
Production Team:
Roxana Silbert Director
Neil Alexander Sound
Naomi Wilkinson Set Designer
Sian Edwards Assistant Director
Naomi Brooke Lighting
Pat Garrett Choreography


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Two Horsemen 1994 Amber Lane Press No
The Best of the Fest: New Plays Celebrating 10 Years of London New Play Festival, ed. Phil Setren 1998 Aurora Metro Press No

Union Catalogue

Link Series Reference Archive Info
Playscript MPS 6435 British Library