Girl is an old soul; but as a British, mixed-race, working-class, queer woman in her mid-twenties, it wasn’t exactly her choice to grow up so fast. Is humour a good healthy coping mechanism for deteriorating mental health? Maybe not. But hey, at least she’s finally talking about it with someone! Things I Can Laugh About Now is a tragicomedy that contains themes of domestic abuse, suicide, mental illness, and has strong language from the offset… but like most things in life, we’ll learn to laugh that all off.

Original production

Original Cast:
Shakira Newton Girl
Production Team:
Carlo (Lo) Feliciani Ojeda Director
Adriana Perucca Sound Designer / Stage Manager
Nicola Chang Sound Design Consultant
Rebekah Murrell Associate Director
Rajiv Pattani Lighting Design Consultant
Henry Boothroyd Sound Associate
Nevison Kusokora Sound Associate
Eve Shalaman Lighting Associate
Ruth Hawkins Senior Producer (Brixton House)
Ben Quashie Producer (Brixton House)
Amber Hill Digital Marketing and Communications (Brixton House)
Jerome Noel Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Brixton House)
Piece of Cake Productions (PoC Productions) Creative Producers