With more mouth than muscle, the ladies of the VIP Crew aren't going to let anyone get in their way, not even each other. In the locker room, the players get ready to settle old
scores. Team talk turns personal as the ball passes from marriage and sex to drugs, drink and scandal. But with everyone playing for different goals, can straight-talking sistas really
Shoot 2 Win?

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Maxine Burth Sandra
Lorna Brown Mandy
Karen Bryson Jackie
Nadine Marshall Shenequa
Susan Salmon Bev
Yaa  Carrie
Juliet Prew Zowie
Robbie Gee Voice of Tannoy the Father
Darren Hart Voice of Tannoy the Son
Production Team:
Paulette Randall Director
Malcolm Ranson Fights
Paul Anderson Lighting
Ellen Cairns Designer
Ceri Nicholls Sound
Kat B Movement


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Playscript MPS 9934 British Library