Red Pitch. South London. Three lifelong friends Omz, Bilal and Joey are playing football. Like they always have. Living out dreams of football stardom. Beyond their football pitch, local shops are closing, old flats are being demolished as new flats shoot up, some residents struggle to stay while others rush to leave. When a small football pitch has been a home from home, a place you’ve laughed, fought and forged friendships, what happens when it’s under threat?

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Kedar Williams-Stirling Bilal
Emeka Sesay Joey
Francis Lovehall Omz
Production Team:
Daniel Bailey Director
Kev McCurdy Fight Director
Amelia Jane Hankin Designer
Ali Hunter Lighting Designer
Khalil Madovi Composer / Sound Designer
Gukiran Kaur Vocal Coach
Dickson Mbi Movement Coordinator
Brooke Milliner Associate Movement Director
Aaron Samuel Football Consultant
Mona Robinson Assistant Director


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Red Pitch by Tyrell Williams 2022 Nick Hern Books Modern Plays No