Ragamuffin is a man on trial. In the 'Supreme Court of Afrikan Justice' he has been indicted for his role in criminalizing the black community. Now he is defended as a disaffected
revolutionary. Eventually he will be celebrated as a symbol of young black urban experience. During the course of Ragamuffin's allegorical trial, the Court is asked to consider the
historical significance of the Haitian slave revolution of 1804 as well as the events leading up to the Broadwater Farm uprising. The parodic drama reveals the conflicting realities
for black youth in contemporary Britain and ultimately leaves the audience - aka the jury - to decide Ragamuffin's fate.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Lysette Solomon Clerk / Candide / Mama / Mrs Jarrard / Female Councillor
Maureen Hibbert Prosecutor / Juanita / Second Character / Mother
Clair Perkins Solicitor / Jean Marie / Young Woman
Shyro Cheung Ragamuffin / Randolf / First Character / Haitian Soldier / First Young Man
Glen Dallas Councillor / PC Lacey / Cesar / Quadrophonic
Chris Tajar KC Ragabone / Pierre / Youth / Male / Councillor
Pamela Maragh Drummers / Judah
Papa Levi MC
Daddae Harvey DJ
Clare Perkins Solicitor / Jean Marie / Young Woman
Production Team:
Amani Naphtali Director
Lorraine Woods Design
Trevor Kanning Designer
Carmen Wright Lighting / Stage Manager
Connie Benjamin Costume Design
Pamela E. Moragh Choreography


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Ragamuffin 2002 Oberon Books No


Type Code
Poster Black Cultural Archives, Ephemera/374

Union Catalogue

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Poster BCA/Ephemera/374 Black Cultural Archives