Mwana is a salad boy - neither Western or African he is a young Zimbabwean educated in Glasgow, conflicted between his love for the West and the traditional values and expectations of his heritage. Returning to Harare for his elder brother's wedding, Mwana has a secret to reveal which has far wider consqequences than he can imagine.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Denver Isaac Mwanawashe Nyike (Mwana)
Moses Hardwick Joaquim Nyika (Mwana)
Mairi Phillip Kirsten Brown
Nicola Gardner Gladys Nyika (Mai Nyika)
Emmanuel Kurewa Stanley Nyika (Dr Nyika)
Production Team:
Shabina Aslam Director
Ricardo Pardo Designer
Kai Fischer Lighting
Kim Beveridge Video Artist
Mark Neville Music / Sound