In a luxury hotel room, three sleek young black women are panicking. They are high-class "mules" (or drugs couriers) and one of their colleagues has absconded with the dope. If they don't effect a delivery in Amsterdam that day then they're done for. "I can't lose this job. I can't do anything else. Can you see me working in Woolworths?" asks the terrified Sammie, who has risen above her humble origins by carrying drugs for a living, and now spends her earnings on works of art.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Clare Perkins Bridie / Piglet / Rose / Bad girl 2
Abhin Galeya Lou / Sammie / Pepper / Olu / Bad Girl 1
Sheila Whitfield Lyla / Rog / Allie
Production Team:
Roxana Silbert Director
Terry King Fights
Noelle Morris Assistant Director
Naomi Wilkinson Designer
Fergus O'Hare Sound
Tanya  Burns Lighting


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Mules 1996 Faber and Faber No


Type Code
NT audio recording of scene BBPA/3/1/40

Union Catalogue

Link Series Reference Archive Info
Playscript MPS 7065 British Library