In a luxury hotel room, three sleek young black women are panicking. They are high-class "mules" (or drugs couriers) and one of their colleagues has absconded with the dope. If they don't effect a delivery in Amsterdam that day then they're done for. "I can't lose this job. I can't do anything else. Can you see me working in Woolworths?" asks the terrified Sammie, who has risen above her humble origins by carrying drugs for a living, and now spends her earnings on works of art.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Clare Perkins Bridie / Piglet / Rose / Bad girl 2
Abhin Galeya Lou / Sammie / Pepper / Olu / Bad Girl 1
Sheila Whitfield Lyla / Rog / Allie
Production Team:


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Mules 1996 Faber and Faber No


Type Code
NT audio recording of scene BBPA/3/1/40

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Playscript MPS 7065 British Library