Based on a true story, William Henry Lane is an African-American discovered hoofing in a bar in the New York in the mid 19th century. Acting as his agent The Showman ensures he becomes a big star of the Vaudeville stage so long as he remains disguised as a minstral. Brought to England his reception is fairly cool until he is discovered by Charles Dickens in his legendary Boz journal and eventually he performs for Queen Victoria.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Junior Laniyan Juba
Ayesha Antoine Mary
Duncan Henderson The Showman
Luanna Priestman Cast
David Lundon Cast
Cedric Henderson Duncan The Showman
Production Team:
Stuart Mullins Director
De-Napoli Clarke Choreographer
Simon McCorry Music
Sophia Lovell Smith Design
Jane Mackintosh Lighting
Jane Mackintosh Lighting

Union Catalogue

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Playscript MPS 11265 British Library