Elmina's Kitchen

Elmina's Kitchen

By Kwame Kwei-Armah
Elmina's Kitchen, a one-notch-above-tacky West Indian takeaway restaurant in 'Murder Mile' Hackney, London.
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You can't just walk into dis bad man t'ing, you gotta learn the whole science of it. You step into that arena and you better be able to dance wid death til it mek you dizzy. The Yardies are burning up Hackney and Digger's offer of protection for the diner smacks more of threat than promise. How can Deli save his truanting, thieving son when temptation looms so large on Murder Mile?

Later produced as a radio play and aired on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4. In June 2005, Elmina's Kitchen was televised on BBC 4. The television version took place in realistic settings separating itself from the stage performance. The televised drama featured the cast that initially performed the play at the National Theatre

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Shaun Parkes Digger
Paterson Joseph Deli
Emmanuel Idowu Ashley, Deli's son
Oscar James Baygee
George Harris Clifton
Doña Croll Anastasia
Production Team:
Angus Jackson Director
Patsy Rodenburg Company Voice Work
Terry King Fight Director
Bunny Christie Designer
Neil Alexander Sound Designer
Alison Rankin Stage Manager
David Milling Deputy Stage Manager
Nik Haffenden Assistant Stage Manager
Ivan (1953 - 2004) Kyncl Rehearsal Photographer
Julian McCready Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Alan Bain Assistant Production Manager
Neil McArthur Music
Harvey Ta Kemp Lighting Designer
Claudette Williams Dialect Coach
Tom Richardson Production Manager
Nik Haffenden Assistant Stage Manager
Kwame  Kwei-Armah Original Songs
Neil McArthur Original Songs
George Harris Music
Oscar James Original Songs
Emma Williams Costume Supervisor
Steve Rossell Music Director / Double Bass
Juldeh Camara Riti / Talking / Vocals
Atongo Zimba Kologo / Vocals



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Poster National Theatre Archive, RNT/PP/2/4/248

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