Justice is locked in a cold dark cell, his asylum application pending. His sister Grace would like to help, but has been told to leave it in God's hands. Government Prosecutor Mark Cole has an infallible reputation for successful prosecutions- however he has had a change of heart - and job. His first case is for the defence of Justice.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Jimmy Akingbola Alfred
Aml Ameen Justice
John Boyega Guard / Passer-by
Karl Collins Mr Cole
Sharon Duncan-Brewster Grace
Abhin Galeya Ben
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith Pra
Cecilia Noble Abeni
Rebecca Scroggs Chi Chi
Robert Whitelock Javon / Guard
Production Team:
Indhu Rubasingham Director
Indhu Rubasingham Director
Rosa Maggiora Designer
Tom Lishman Sound
Bret Yount Fights
James Farncombe Lighting Designer


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Not Black and White : Category B; Seize the Day; Detaining Justice 2009 Methuen Drama No