How do you sort your head out when it gets too crowded in there? It’s the beginning of summer and the community festival is in full swing in the local park. Everyone is there. Crowds queue but among the smiles and excitement lies something that could spoil this party...

Developed in direct response to the growing number of teenagers in the UK struggling with their mental health, 'Crowded' told the story of ordinary young people whose anxiety, depression and desire led to harmful and destructive behaviours.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Desree  Performer
Laura Rae Performer
Slam the Poet Performer
Production Team:
Sonia Castang Director
Stephen Beeny Artwork, Marketing and Photography
Nicky Crabb Creative Producer
Guy Connelly Composer
Faith Austin Production Designer and Manager
Lawrence Crane Scenic Artist
Rosemary Harris Dramaturg / Script Mentor
Desree  Co-writer
Laura Rae Co-writer
Slam the Poet Co-writer

Union Catalogue

Link Series Reference Archive Info
Playscript MPS/1/14354 British Library
Stages of Half Moon (Half Moon Theatre Archive)