Coup, The

Coup, The

By Mustapha Matura
The altar of a cathedral; a prison cell; a prison cell on the island of Trinidad; a beach; the cell; A blood-spattered wall.
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A funeral oration of President Eddie Jones; a precarious military takeover with trigger-happy squabbling factions: Mustapha Matura's farcical, fictional coup, set in independent Trinidad and Tobago, swings with the fluid language and magical lyricism of the Caribbean and explores the chimerical quality of nationhood where foreign money overpowers dreams.

Original production

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Original Cast:
Oscar James Archbishop / Arawak Priest
Norman Beaton President Edward Francis Jones
Lennie James Mickey Jones
Stefan Kalipha Lieutenant le Grange
Gordon Case Lieutenant Chan
T Bone Wilson Christopher Columbus / First Workman / Guard of Honour
Marc Matthews Monk / Second Workman / Guard of Honour
Lenny Aljernoon-Edwards Captain
Oscar James Arawak Priest
Jeffery Kissoon Major Ferret
Tony Armatrading Black Lighting
T Bone Wilson First Workman
Marc Matthews Second Workman
Maureen Hibbert First Nun / Arawak
Josephine Melville Second Nun / Arawak
Lenny Aljernon-Edwards Soldier
T Bone Wilson Guard of Honour
Lenny Aljernon-Edwards Guard of Honour
Marc Matthews Guard of Honour
Josephine Melville Arawak
Maureen Hibbert Arawark
Lenny Algernon Edwards Captain / Soldier / Guard of Honour
Production Team:
Roger Michell Director
Paul Greaves Assistant Stage Manager
Angela Bissett Deputy Stage Manager
Jason Barnes Production Manager
Tim Bray Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Miles King Design Assistant
Rick Fisher Lighting Designer
Ivan (1953 - 2004) Kyncl Rehearsal Photographer
Emma B Lloyd Assistant Stage Manager
Ernest Hall Stage Manager
Paul Groothuis Sound Score
Wendy Griffiths Costume Supervisor
Edward Kemp Staff Director
Michael Mayhew Designer of Poster and Programme Cover
Rose Towler Poster / Programme cover designer
William Dudley Designer / Programme cover design


Title Year Publisher NT Library
The Coup : A Play Of Revolutionary Dreams 1991 Methuen Drama No


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Article by Raoul Pantin BBPA/2/3/1
Poster National Theatre Archive, RNT/PP/2/4/127

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