...cake is a psychological drama that asks if the cycle of generational trauma can ever be broken. Can queer, Black femmes find love and belonging when the soil beneath them - and the climate around them - is hostile?

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Danielle Kassarate Sissy
Donna Banya Eshe
Production Team:
malakaï sargeant Director
Debbie Duru Set and Costume Designer
Xana  Sound Designer
Tim Sutton Music
Gerrard Martin Movement Director
Eleanor Manners Vocal Coach
Kayode (Kayodeine) Gomez Associate Sound Designer
Luke Goodlitt Lighting Designer
Rema Kashay Associate Designer
Ezra Scent Designer


Title Year Publisher NT Library
...cake by babirye bukilwa 2021 Nick Hern Books No