What’s a boy to do?From the playground to the classroom, from home to the uncharted waters of online, boys learn that displaying their feelings is a no-no. But what happens to emotion that can’t be let out?

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Justin Coe Ensemble
Hadiru Mahdi Ensemble
Tanaka Mhishi Ensemble
Steve Tasane Ensemble
Production Team:
Rosemary Harris Playwright (co-writer)
Justin Coe Playwright (co-writer)
Hadiru Mahdi Playwright (co-writer)
Tanaka Mhishi Playwright (co-writer)
Steve Tasane Playwright (co-writer)
Sonia Castang Creative Consultant / Dramaturg
Phil Clarke Lighting Designer

Union Catalogue

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Playscript MPS/1/14347 British Library
Stages of Half Moon (Half Moon Theatre Archive)