Kelle is 13 and still a virgin. And if her best friend Danielle knows, then the whole school knows. But will sleeping with the wide-boy wannabe Nathan prove a step too far…?

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Candassaie  Liburd Kelle
Petra Letang Samantha (Sam), Kelly's mother
Apaiketuya Marchant Danielle
Winston Sarpong Nathan
Claire Lams Yvette
Troy Glasgow Richie
Nicole Charles Josie
Production Team:
Paul Miller Director
Rich Walsh Sound Designer
Stephanie Arditti Costume Supervisor
Paule Constable Lighting Designer
Tom Richardson Production Manager
Robert Workman Production Photographer
Paule Constable Lighting Designer
Nathan Seabrook Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Jessica Ronane Children's Casting
Simon Daw Designer
Tanya Bowd Prop Supervisor
Anna Anderson Production Assistant
Paul Kenah Associate Video Designer
Katy de Main Stage Manager
Cynthia Duberry Deputy Stage Manager
Ella May McDermott Assistant Stage Manager
Ian Galloway Video Editor
Craig Leo Puppetry
Ben Gerlis Design Associate
Kate Godfrey Company Voice Work


Title Year Publisher NT Library


Type Code
NT audio recording of scene BBPA/3/1/75

Union Catalogue

Link Series Reference Archive Info
Production Photographs RNT/PR/3/694 National Theatre
Programme RNT/PP/1/4/277 National Theatre