Talawa reawaken the much loved African and Caribbean character of Anansi for his latest adventure. Legendary spider Anansi takes an eleven year old boy on the journey of a lifetime. With wicked witches, giant chickens, streetwise cockroaches and stressed out dogs along the way, there will be mayhem when Anansi comes to Britain

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Geoff Aymer Anansi
Shyko Amos Omari
Dermot Daly Wisdom / Dad / Tiger / Dog
Marlon King Wisdom / Chicken / Kakky
Susan Lawson-Reynolds Wisdom / Mum / Firefly / Witch / Bluebottle
Malinda Parris Wisdom / Tiger's Wife / Bug Salla
Production Team:
Paul J Medford Director
Philip Gladwell Lighting
Tom Lishman Sound
Bret Yount Fights
Colin Falconer Decor
Paul J Medford Choreography
Delroy Murray Music

Union Catalogue

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Playscript MPS 11629 British Library