Queen Victoria and Albert had numerous offspring, but none of them had a more profound effect on the Royal family than their black surrogate son, Alamoyou, Prince of Abyssinia.
At the age of seven, he is entrusted to the British Empire after the suicide of his father King Theodore. He embraces maternal love from the Queen, is educated by the state, lives
within the Royal Court and then dies mysteriously at the tender age of 18. Adewale Ajadi's play explores the British monarchy and its fascination with one of Ethiopia's best-loved

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Mark Monero Cast
Victor Romero Evans Cast
Sally Faulkner Cast
Franky Mwangi Cast
Isaac Maxwell-Hunt Cast
Pip Mayo Cast
Karl Glenn-Stimpson Cast
Production Team:
Femi Jr Elufowoju Director / Musical Director
Paul Gladstone Reid Music
Yukio Tsukamoto Designer


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Poster Private Collection

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