London born debbie tucker green worked as a stage manager for 10 years, before turning her hand to playwrighting. Encouraged by a friend, tucker green submitted the unproduced She Three for the Alfred Fagon award. It didn't win, but it brought her to the attention of the Royal Court. Since then, Dirty Butterfly, her debut play has been produced by Soho Theatre, and Born Bad won the 2004 Laurence Olivier most promising playwright award. Her plays have been staged at the National Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, and performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Title Date Publisher
truth and reconciliation 2011 Nick Hern Books
random 2008 Nick Hern Books
stoning mary 2005 Nick Hern Books
trade and generations 2005 Nick Hern Books
born bad 2005 Nick Hern Books
dirty butterfly 2003 Nick Hern Books