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stoning mary

By debbie tucker green
The play is set in country it is peformed in. All characters are white.
Cast total: 
Male cast: 
Female cast: 


A husband and wife row about a prescription. A mother and father row about their son, who has become a child soldier. Two sisters row about which one is superior to the other. It emerges that the youngers sister, Mary, has killed the child soldier. She is to be stoned to death.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Rick Warden Boyfriend
Cole Edwards Child Soldier
Gary Dunnington Corrections officer
Alan Williams Dad
Peter Sullivan Husband
Martin Marquez Husband Ego / Boyfriend Ego
Ruth Sheen Mum
Claire Rushbrook Older Sister
Emily Joyce Wife
Heather Craney Wife Ego / Older Sister Ego
Claire-Louise Cordwell Younger Sister
Production Team:
Marianne Elliott Director
Patsy Rodenburg Company Voice Work
Ultz Designer
Ian Dickinson Sound Designer
Ian Dickinson Sound Designer
Sophie Milne / Milne-Akerno Assistant Stage Manager
Nigel Edwards Lighting
Lisa Makin Casting
Lara Samuels Assistant Director
Paul Handley Production Manager
Nicole Keighley Stage Manager
Emily Peake Deputy Stage Manager
Iona Kenrick Costume Supervisor
Sarah Gorman Movement Advisor
Charlotte Gainey Floor Painter


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Playscript MPS 10894 British Library
Recording CKEY7334917 British Library