England v Germany, 2000. The last match at the old Wembley Stadium. Tensions are high for the lads in the King George pub. Booze, hurtled words and violence come to a head when questions are asked about who really gets to be English. 

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Gawn Grainger Jimmy, father of Gina
Callum Dixon Becks
Kay Bridgeman Sharon
Tanya Franks Gina
Ryan Ford Glen, Gina's son
Ray Fearon Mark
Kyle Smith-Thompson Duane
Ryan Regis Bad T
Jake Nightingale Lawrie
Steve John Shepherd Lee, Lawrie's brother
Neal Barry Phil
Paul Moriarty Alan
Stephen Wight Jason
Ashley Walters Barry, Mark's brother
Production Team:
Rich Walsh Sound Designer
Patsy Rodenburg Company Voice Work
Terry King Fight Director
Nobby Clark Production Photographer
Pete Bull Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Paul Miller Director
Dewi Wynne Assistant Stage Manager
Hayden Griffin Designer / Lighting
Andrew / Andy Phillips Lighting Designer
Sacha Milroy Production Manager
Anna Hill Deputy Stage Manager
Chris Cahill Costume Supervisor
Timandra Dyer Assistant Production Manager
Rupert (for Mesmer) Dean Video Realisation